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Flat Strapz

Replaces bungee straps, bits of string, tie downs. Quick, strong and safe.

Flat Strapz Flat Strapz Flat Strapz Flat Strapz

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Description :

  • Why hold hundreds of dollars of equipment with a couple of $2 eye gougers?
  • Many times stronger than occy straps.
  • Two inch wide elastic luggage straps.
  • Heavy duty hook and loop fastener for a strong, safe join.No Hooks
  • Five sizes, packed in pairs.
  • Fast, safe, amazingly strong and simple to use.
  • Closes on top of the load.
  • Easier to use.
  • Won’t cut in or roll off.
  • No hooks to scratch, dent or injure.
  • Adjust length by wrapping a couple of times.
  • Proven over hundreds of thousands of kilometres.
  • Use them anywhere you'd use a bungee cord or bit of rope.
  • They're STRRRETCHY
  • So simple yet so very effective.
  • Available at selected motorcycle shops across Australia and ARB 4x4 stockists.

Flatz Strapz Info

As a senior emergency nurse I hated occy (bungee) straps.  They are one of the top three leading causes of permanent eye injury in Australia. There was no way I’d use them after a few close calls. A eureka moment saw the birth of Andy Strapz.

Imagination is the only limit. Wrap them around an item and an anchor point. Flat Strapz will hold tight without cutting in, sliding off or rolling to the centre. No hooks to take out an eye or scratch and dent your pride and joy. Quick and easy to use.


Some ways to use them

The over and back method.

Slip the strapz under a mounting point, stretch and join on top.
Wrap around the mounting point to shorten.

Rub the tapes for a secure join.

Adjust by wrapping around the mounting point.

The V Method


A variation on the over and back method using a pair of strapz.


Australian Made

Bike Apply a measure of ingenuity, two parts cunning and you will find the best strap system in the world working for you.  

How to choose your size

Place the item where you want it (usually on the rack) and measure around it rack and all.  This is the size you need as the stretch in the strapz provides the overlap.  If you plan to use any of the methods seen above the same applies.  Remember, the stretch in the strap provides the overlap.

Below is a very rough guide to the common sizes and how we use them. Remeber you can't make them longer but you can make them shorter.

750 1000 1250 1500 2500
A tent or wet weather gear, shovels on 4x4, drizabone coat. Smallish but very useful in the right place. Gear with the diameter of an average blokes hand spread, roughly 30cm. A tent and a thermarest, day packs, very compact biker swags. A largeish tent and a dry bag with all the sleeping gear. The size we use to stabilise Expedition Pannierz in really tough country. Gear with the diameter of the spread of two average bloke hands, roughly 60cm. A largish standard swag, rear luggage bags such as Ventura and Gear sack. Designed in the first palce to be used on 4x4 roof racks to secure a family's swags.

Click here for a video
Packed in Pairs

Description Photo
750 mm pr 
No Image
1000 mm pr 
No Image
1250 mm pr 
No Image
1500 mm pr 
No Image
2500 mm pr 
No Image
Starter Pack - aka the "Stuff it this'll do" pack. 1 Pair of 1000 & 1 Pair of 1500 Flat Strapz. Save $5 
4 x 4 kit. A pair of 1500 and a pair of 2500 Flat Strapz. Save $7. 
No Image

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