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Smart Strapz

A soft rack system for difficult to pack bikes. Use frame parts to create mounting points.

Smart Strapz Smart Strapz Smart Strapz

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Description :

No Hooks
  • No need for ugly 'scaffolding' to be bolted to the back of the bike.
  • Strong, quick, easy to use, amazingly versatile.
  • Open and close on top of the load.
  • Leather pads to help protect body panels.
  • Fits nearly all bikes.*
  • A combination of stretch webbing, heavy duty hook and loop fastner and a double D ring system similar to helmet chin straps. A direct comparison can be drawn between the way surfers carry their boards on the roof of their car with soft racks. These are the motorcycle equivalent.
  • Cross the straps over the top of your gear, then attach to the pillion pegs at the front and the pillion grab rail at the back.
  • Utilize foot peg brackets, frame rails, grab rails, sub frame, occy lugs and more. Wherever a 25 x 3 mm gap exists on the bike it can be used to mount Smart Strapz.
  • They can be re-adjusted and tensioned quickly and efficiently. Cheap really when you price racks.
  • Top of our range. Total useable length 1450mm.

 * Some bikes may need Loopz. Bikes with under seat exhausts may need Hot Loopz.

Australian Made

Packed in Pairs

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One size fits most, per pair 
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