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Straps >> Double D Ring Straps
Double D Ring Straps

Simply double D ring strapz made of top quality inputs.

Double D Ring Straps Double D Ring Straps

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Description :

  • Tough Acetel nylon D rings.
    Australian Made
  • Quality 1 inch non-stretch webbing.
  • 130 cm long.
  • The strongest.
  • Suppliers representatives are often gob smacked as I take a new fixing clip they want to sell, into the factory and attack it with a hammer. If it “passes” this test I consider testing it.
  • Often we only need simple straps to hold light, soft gear to our bikes. I tend to try to strap my wet weather gear in an accessible place. Often the Double D ring strapz are used for heavy items like keeping fuel cans still.
  • Made from Aussie made 25mm polypropylene webbing and NZ Fastex clips.


Now also available with a 3M reflective weave.

Description Photo
Black - 25mm web, each 
No Image
Reflective D Ring Strapz - each 

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