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We have been making and sourcing quality products to make a motorcyclist's travelling life easier since 1997.

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Over 35 years of experience on the road has been applied to my designs and approach to service.

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No Visitor Blues Again 03 - Jun - 2021

No Visitor Blues Again

New Andy Strapz trading arrangements   Here we go again. Although the 'bricks and mortar' store is closed we are still open and sending out goods. Let's hope it doesn't last too long.

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Aussie Made 07 - Apr - 2020

Aussie Made

Well, well, well. The lack of Aussie manufacturing is coming back to bite us all on Rs. Apart from creaming it in the scientific pursuits (good on ya) growing the Mexican Beer Virus (MBV), making huge strides toward a vaccine and generally showing t...

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