We have been making and sourcing quality products to make a motorcyclist's travelling life easier since 1997. The urge came from the mother of invention. Not seeing any products that suited my needs I set out to design them, applying experience from a life on the road.

I'm the business owner, Andy, I've ridden motorbikes all my adult life. Over 35 years of experience on the road has been applied to my designs and approach to service. Our team includes expert bag and clothing makers and others who have a similar lifetime of riding experience.

Andy Strapz equipment is carefully thought out, extensively tested and made to work with a minimum of fiddling. The products marked with the Andy Strapz logo are either made by us in our Aussie factory by our dedicated team or directly for us by local selected suppliers. We use the best quality materials and pay close attention to detail and quality control. Our aim is to make products you'll be happy to own, love using and recommend to your friends. Anything with the Andy Strapz brand is made right here.

The other equipment has been carefully chosen and tested prior to offering it to you for sale. If gear doesn’t meet our very high standards it goes back to the supplier or in the bin.

While we have a focus on the motorcycling community, we also make products for other markets such as 4WD, hiking, cycle touring and marine. We are constantly looking to improve, and welcome any feedback from our clients.

Andy Strapz products have found themselves into Ambulances, carpet factories, water supply facilities, horse medicine, packaging to list a few. Talk to us if you have a challenge for us to help you with. 

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You’re most welcome.  

We have a full set of products ready for you to try on your bike.

Unit 1, 95 Brunel Road
Seaford   VIC  3198

Business Hours:   
Monday to Thursday:   9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday:   9.00am to 3.30pm
Saturday:  The first Saturday of the Month 10 - 1pm or by appointment

Phone:  03 9786 3445
International:  +61 3 9786 3445
Fax:  03 9786 4489

Andy Strapz is a registered trademark of Andy Thingz Pty Ltd

ABN 81 137 779 590