Designs from a life on the road

Avduro Pannierz


Avduro 2 Expedition Pannierz
Body of the bag same same same
Seat straps same same same
Volume 35litre/side max closed same same
Colour Charcoal Charcoal Charcoal
Rear stiffener Plastic coreflute same same
Pockets per bag 2

2 but front and rear

Rear pocket roll top

Front bigger mesh

1 (rear)
Construction same same same
Side strap and Locking buckle 1 each side at rear of each bag 1 each side at rear of each bag nil
Base rear strap same same same
Top stretch bungee net option yes yes no


The simple way to think about the choice is

Expedition for Touring on dirt and road.

Avduro for Adventurous riding, where Adventure meets Enduro.

Like all rules there are exceptions, the main one is that Avduro sit better on upright hard box frames because the side straps pull them into the frames.



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