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07/04/2020 12:00AM 1 Comment(s)

Well, well, well.

The lack of Aussie manufacturing is coming back to bite us all on Rs. Apart from creaming it in the scientific pursuits (good on ya) growing the Mexican Beer Virus (MBV), making huge strides toward a vaccine and generally showing the rest of the world just what a bunch of smart Rzes we are (they are at least) we got bugger all left to defend ourselves against external threats.

We no longer make cars, clothes for our military, bicycles, jocks, clothes lines, lawn mowers, water carriers and many of the iconic things Aussies made their own. A world flu pandemic was only a matter of time, a when, not if scenario. It doesn’t take a genius to foresee that the moment the pandemic comes home to roost the imports will stop as each country battens down the hatches and jealously guards their own supplies. 

My hope is, that as we settle into life PC (Post Corona - at least might get rid of Politically Correct once and for all), our society will see the urgency of building, reinforcing and generally nurturing making stuff in Oz.

From what I can see with the blurry Futurescope, imports PC, are most likely going to get more expensive which should make gear made here that little bit more enticing.

Our task here at Andy Strapz HQ is to hang in there during the MBV, hold our nerve and be at the leading edge of Aussie Made Motorcycling.

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  • By: Shaun Rowe on 14 May 2020
    AMEN!!! The worst thing, most destructive thing we allowed or did as Australians was to sell off our manufacturing hubs , allowing the mass importation of cheap crap all while ringing the bell of doom on what was once a huge part of our economy and means of employment for millions of once proud Australians!

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