Purportedly designed after a bloke by the name of George De Mestral got grass burs on his clobber.

The key to quality Hook n Loop is the number of hook and loops per square bit of area. The more the better. The next is the quality of the thread/nylon used. The most famous brand name of Hook 'n' Loop is Velcro®.

We use a heavy duty product that meet or exceeds the brand name product's strength.





Basically if you love the traditional look of oilskin go for it. It has no advantages over Cordura, it's not more waterproof.

Cordura is a bag fabric and is designed to be highly abrasion resistant, it has a waterproof backing bonded to the inside and a repellent coating on the outer.

Adventure riders should choose Cordura.

The webbing has about 30% stretch. The shorter the strap the less stretch due to the hook and loop tapes on each end.

Length is measured unstretched