A Bagz

How do A Bagz fit to the bike?


Simply pass the 25mm (1 inch) webbing straps through grab rails, pillion peg brackets, sub frame, indicators or fender mounts. The possibilities are huge. Then thread the webbing through the double D rings sewn to the rear of the bag. It is that simple. We provide two choices of D ring sets so that you can use the bag in compression mode (the top set) or like a top box if it isn’t so full. These bags have done hundreds of thousands of kilometres in service over the last eight years and the fitting system is reliable and proven.
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Which fabric do I choose?


Things to consider are:

Cordura is a abrasion resistant bag fabric whereas the Oilskin is more of a heavy clothing fabric and as such is not quite as abrasion resistant. Modern Oilskin needs no re-oiling as the treatment is deeply bonded to the fabric. Cordura is essentially a no maintenance fabric.

Cordura has a waterproof backing bonded to the material and oilskin has a treatment applied to the canvas which is absorbed into the fabric. Both are about as waterproof as one another. After a few hours in the rain the Cordura may have the advantage.

The design of the bag is what keeps the elements at bay.

Oilskin is the same fabric used in the traditional bushmans coat. The most famous brand is Drizabone.

After a great deal of consideration and examining of options the final choice is one of style. Classic bikes and cruisers really suit the oilskin.

Basic, no maintenance Cordura black or brown Oilskin that ages into a rugged piece of luggage with great character.

N.B.   Oilskin suffers in extremes of heat and exposure to the sun so should not be chosen for outback work.

Expedition and Avduro Pannierz

How do I "reproof" Expedition Pannierz?


Never use soap unless it is an approved canvas treatment.  I recommend clean water via a garden hose and a gentle brush to remove the worst of the dirt and settle at that. Always store Expedition Pannierz dry and in a well ventilated place.

Once the bags are clean use an approved canvas treatment.  Oil based/flammable products are illegal to post so we are unable to send them to you but a local outdoors store should be able to help.

We can supply waterbased Nikwax treaments which work very well.


What if I tear the Pannierz? Can they be repaired?


Yes, most of the time. Send them back (dry) after you have washed them with a banister brush and clean water. Don’t use soaps or detergents. We will quote the cost of the repairs.
Any reasonable bootmaker or saddler will be able to get you back on the road after a spill.  Try that with alloy boxes!



Will I need pannier extensions?


Usually no.  The majority of bikes won't need them, only the bigger wider ones will. 
The best example is the BMW 1200GS, it's a wide bike and the Expedition Pannierz will sit outside the muffler.
It you plan to fitt our panniers to your bike and it is fitted with after market frames such as Touratech or Hepco Becker they may need them.

The rule of thumb is - if the frames that the Expedition Pasnnierz rest on are more than 400mm apart then you are likely to need them.



Will the Expedition Pannierz fit my cruiser?


Yes, Expedition Pannierz rest quite neatly on the fender brackets of most Harleys and Metric Cruisers. The U shaped, chromed rod, pannier frames available for many of these bikes would be an advantage but not absolutely necessary.


Will the Expedition Pannierz fit my Sports bike?


Usually…. It depends on how determined you are to get them to fit and which model bike you have.

The guiding principles are

  • You are always welcome to return them in new condition for a refund or exchange.
  • Use Sheep skin wool down to protect body work or plenty of duct tape.
  • A set of Loopz (link) maybe needed to fit them.
  • Upswept exhausts might get in the way, 30mm clearance is required.
  • You’ll need something like 300mm (1 Foot) from the top of the seat to the top of the exhausts.
  • The small loops on the lower mounting straps are there to help. Make use of zip ties or D ring strapz to help.



Flat Strapz

How much stretch is in the Strapz?


A rough guide is 30%.
The shorter the strap the less stretch is available due to the velcro patches sewn to the webbing.


What Flat Strapz size do I need?


  • Measure around the load for the size required.
  • The stretch in the strapz provides the overlap.
  • Adjust length by wrapping a couple of times or loop a small length around a rack tube.
  • Remember it is easier to make them shorter than longer!

Pannier Linerz

Do I need Pannier Linerz?

No you don't. Any bin liner or waterproof bag will do. However, Pannnier Linerz were designed to fit the Expedition Pannierz exactly. They are high quality polyurethane coated fabric that complement the panniers to make them waterproof. Bin liners have a bad habit of letting go before you get home.

The Pannierz are water resistant enough not to bother protecting camp cooking equipment and shoes for example.

How do I care for Linerz?


Wash them by hand in clean water and a gentle soap. Let them dry in the shade.

Pillion Beltz

Will it strap my kid to me?

No certainly not, it only provides an easier place for them to hold onto the rider. Handles on the Pillion Belt fall to hand easily for your passenger.
I’d expect the law to take the view that if a kid can’t hang on they shouldn’t be strapped to the rider.