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You are welcome to contact us if you suspect that your Forma boots may be faulty. If the age of your boots falls within certain guidelines, they will be inspected, and if deemed to be faulty by manufacturing or material defect, Forma will very quickly organise a repair or replacement.

  • Note; we can only process claims for Forma boots purchased in Australia. 
  • Proof of purchase must to be supplied, their are no exceptions. 
  • It is the customers responsibility to return the boots to the address below.

Our Lifetime warranty is a pro-rata or proportional warranty. Any faulty Forma boots over 2 years are considered to be over half their working life and will receive a 50% discount off a replacement pair. Any faulty Forma Urban shoes over 1 year are considered to be over half their working life and will receive a 50% discount on a replacement pair.

Example: a 10 year old pair of Adventure boots that start leaking with normal wear and tear, the customer will receive a brand new replacement pair for half price!

Warranty is restricted to 3 months where the boots are used for commercial purposes. (motorcycle couriers etc)


Mail or Warranty returns can be shipped to...


Forma Boots Australia

Frontier Distribution PL

3/45 Wallis Street

Seymour Victoria 3660


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