A Open Letter to the Victorian Government re: Moto GP

  • By Andy Strapz work

An open letter to the Victorian Government.

Please, please give visiting motorcyclists a bit of a break.

Many of the riders who attended the Moto GP on Philip Island over the last few years feel victimised as a result of being checked, checked and rechecked for rego, roadworthy and alcohol. It’s nothing for a group of attendees to be pulled over three times between the NSW border and Cowes.

The event is in danger of evaporating due to lack of attendees as many I’ve talked to are fed up with what they have described as harassment. While making sure riders are safe and get home in one piece is vital, singling them out is not helpful.

It’s like large groups of football fans getting searched as they got on and off the train on the way to the G. Or F1 goers getting a “canary stop” and a group frisk up on the roads in. There would be acres of spat dummies.

Modern riders are older, sensible and sober. We have too much to lose by being idiots.

I clearly remember the atmosphere of fun and courtesy that the coppers engendered in the early days of the event. Watching cars almost symbolically pulled over for RBT in preference to bikers, ensuring bikes had right of way and tolerating high spirits with a grin made for a memorable experience.

I’m pretty sure that many Police members are not that comfortable with the wholesale stopping of bikes, especially the large number who ride themselves.

Today bikers feel unwelcome at the track, more of a hindrance than passionate paying patrons. If the GP Corporation could digitally place a crowd in the grandstands I reckon they’d be happy.


 Riders often comment that they feel like a bunch of wallets on legs, ripe for the taking.

Please don’t exacerbate that feeling by making them feel singled out and unfairly targeted on the ride in and out.


Andy “Strapz” White

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