Big Brother Moves In

  • By Andy Strapz work

Big brother is moving into our homes in the form of a little web connected box posing as an assistant.

Too lazy or substance affected to get out of bed? Just ask the little box to turn off the lights, it'll then tell Amazon, Google, Apple and anyone else who wants to know just what time you go to bed. Ask it to play a bit of Acid Jazz, it'll record that you're a wanker and offer tissue brands on your Farcebook feed as you crawl into the fart sack!

Having a gratingly smarmy Sepo accented genie in the eBox, would see me headed out to the shed for a rather large tapometer. 

Targeted at those who live alone, the plan is to slowly habituate them to the company of the insidious little bugger. Users will divulge more and more information, that little voice in ones head would now be embodied in a marketing tool, knowing far more about what you want than... you do!

Big Brother turns out to be a multi national company rather than a controlling government heavy hand. I'm thinkin' that that's a whole lot more worrying, nothing's more heavy handed than corporate greed, wrapped in a thin gossamer of looking after shareholders.

Woops, an ad for acid dyed tissues has popped up on my screen, gotta go.


BTW, check out the new Smart Net.



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