Feed 'em poison

  • By Andy Strapz work

Call me cynical (many have) but.... Is there a hidden meaning in the figure used to buy the Liberals another term in Grovelment?

One thousand and eighty dollars (which by the way, now has the prefix 'up to' ) can be expressed another way.

Ten-eighty! Is this just a coincidence, a treasury joke or a cycnical jibe at 'Joe Public' from the Liberal party room?

As it's important not to let truth interfere with a good yarn and Scomo's propensity to say anything to win an election(see; Wentworth bi-election and the Jewish vote). Taking into account that us, said, Mr and Ms Public trust the pocket lining, public purse draining incompetants as far as we could drag 'em with a postie bike.

I'm going for the latter.


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