Global Warming Bikers

  • By Andy Strapz work

Just where will motorcycling go as this Global Warming thing takes its toll on the weather.

The predictions of more unstable and ferocious climatic incidents seem to be in the “Bloody Oath” rather than the “Nah” category. Looking at the world’s weather this year we’ve seen stuff that the Old Testament would be crying “told you so!”  Our mates in the bush are drier’n a dead dingo’s, California and Greece have marshmallow shortages, East Coast USA and Asia are looking for regional water wings and Europe is experiencing a Brizzy summer.

All of these events are described in terms of the worst, longest, highest or most destructive in years, decades or history.

After Kel and I rode the V-Strom to Licola the other weekend in a Maelstrom, wind, bucketing rain and ice marble massages. One of my favourite roads was strewn with bark, twigs and leaves, rivulets of brown water crossed the roads and rocks tumbled from cuttings just to make life errr…Interesting.

Some sections of the ride are quite exposed, I’m glad I warned my riding buddy. It made me more alert to the smashing cross wind that took hold of the bike. Hooley dooley, there were some freckle puckering moments up on the ridges.

So, does it mean that we are going to see more trees and branches down over roads? Are we going to be at greater danger from the elements? Is heat going to be more of a riding ‘challenge’ (politically correct speak for Pain in the Arse)? Trying to out run a bushfire is a nightmare come true and will drier weather bring more critters to the road shoulder?

Me thinks our ride will be more reliant on safety plans, an idea that we might just have to switch direction. Coming to the rescue however is technology. We use weather forecast and rain apps, emergency warnings often get out to mobile phones in the vicinity of an event (yes, if you have coverage).

Common sense (not that common) suggest we take shelter, sling a U Turn or bugger off quick with billowing smoke or lurid green clouds bearing down on us. Using technology and being all grown up about where and when we ride might have to finally happen more’s the pity.

Maybe some of our unique Aussie biker approach is gonna have to be tempered? ‘She’ll be Right’ might not be the reliable default Plan A as it has in the past.

Where the rest of the world has failed, could it be I’m being forced to grow up by something as unlikely as Global Warming!

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