No Visitor Blues

  • By Andy Strapz work

New Andy Strapz trading arrangements


Although it couldn't have come at a worse time, I guess it comes as no surprise that we are gonna have to close the door to our 'bricks and mortar' shop with Victoria's Stage 4 Lockdown. We've had the sewing machine throttles pinned to the stops trying to keep up with orders in the last six weeks and we still are a week behind filling orders

After a long wait on hold and a chat with a phone 'consultant', I'm pretty sure we can continue to operate on-line and provide a contactless, pick up at store services. The addition of our Choob face masks, some Pizza Bags, Mining heater blankets and the fact that all NSW Ambulances are fitted with Flat Strapz helps us fall into the permitted groups.

Whether our suppliers can continue to supply, only time will tell. Despite our best efforts we may still find ourselves hitting a slippery patch and coming to an sudden stop as raw materials dry up.

The other concerning scenario is that we simply get told to shut up completely and stay home.

Only time will tell.


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