AA Bagz Black 500d Cordura

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
Ships: We are currently being smashed with orders and can't keep up. There may be a three week wait for us to make yours.


The AA Bag, Australia's favourite Tail Pack

Australian Made tail pack rack or seat bag

A cleverly designed tail bag that is made to live out of from stop to stop.

A compact low-profile 18L bag that attaches to the pillion seat or rear rack with its own straps.

After a couple of years of trialling and evaluation we've decided to use a new fastening system on our A and AA Bagz. D rings have been replaced with Ladder Loc buckles. These are a bit quicker to use, a little more scure and easier to live with when wet.

Constructed from durable 600-denier Cordura with bonded waterproof backing.


  • Unique one-piece shell construction.
  • Angled pockets which let you in but keep water out.
  • Stiffened with four nylon rods to prevent sagging.
  • Stretch cargo net beneath storm flap for fast stowage.
  • Self-repairing, chain-type zip, curved for easy closure.
  • Permanent strap attachment system with own stow pocket.
  • All compartments fully accessible while strapped to the bike.
  • 3M reflective webbing for increased visibility at night

 Which Fabric do I choose?

What’s in the box?

1 x 18L Andy Strapz A Bagz with attached universal fitment system.

1 x Loopz Strap to ensure a perfect fit to your bike.

We are being smashed with orders at present, it may take a while to make yours, allow three weeks, sorry.

Tough 600-denier Cordura with waterproof backing or Fortress Oilskin. All seams double-stitched and reinforced internally with cloth tape and protected externally with tough vinyl piping
Handmade in-house from exclusive one-piece pattern which minimises needle penetration and im-proves durability
New Zealand-made, high-tensile 25mm release clips rated to 100kg.
High quality, polyester reinforced webbing (some with) with reflective weave. Reinforced at all attachment points.
Robust self-repairing #10 chain-type
Bonded internal membrane, angled compartments, storm flap, covered zippers.
Length 450mm (fits on the seat between panniers nicely). Width 270. Height 270mm.
700 grams
Cordura or Fortress Oilskin, Expasion Pack to add 10litres extra capacity.
Made in Australia
In house design, development and construction

Exactly the same as the original and popular A Bag, only half the size. As one customer noted, “About bloody time!” — Andy

 In response to requests from a few customers who thought that the 30-litre A Bag was just a bit too big for their needs, a half-size version was created. It seemed obvious to follow the naming example set by batteries and so the AA Bag was born, the little brother to the A Bag. The ends of both sized bags are exactly the same, only the length of the the body has been shortened.

 Hand sewn from a single piece of durable fabric in our Melbourne-based factory, the latest-generation design achieves everything I set out to do with the A Bag, just more compact.

Designed with both you and the weather in mind, the bag attaches to your bike with the zippered compartments facing the rear. Not only does this make it easy to get in and out of, but it also means the bag has its back to the elements. All three compartments (1x main & 2x side pockets) are angled away from the weather and open so you can easily see and locate what’s inside. No more fishing around a black hole, eyes skyward, hoping to feel the item you are looking for.

A storm flap, with extra fabric at the edges, covers the body and main zipper and it does most of the heavy lifting in terms of weatherproofing. Beneath the storm flap is a stretch cargo net which allows you to quickly stow wet-weather gear or a liner, using the compression-style strap system. Two sets of D-rings means you have the choice of using the bag in compression mode if it’s chockers, or like an accessible soft top box if it’s not. The four internal nylon rods means the bag is self supporting and won’t sag if it’s not full.

I am often asked if the AA Bagz is waterproof. The short answer is no, but It is very water resistant. Waterproof bags are fiddly by nature. Plastic covers are useless; they flap, hinder access, fly away, wrap around hot exhausts and I’ve polished too much burnt nylon off my pipes over the years to include one in this design.

The best thing is to use dry bags inside your AA Bagz for an efficient and easy-to-live with bag because you might ride in the rain 10 times a year, but on the road you’ll be in and out of the bag 10 times a day.

The inside seams have been finished with cloth tape which, unlike plastic seam tapes used these days, won’t crack over time. It also ensures every seam is double stitched. On the outside, the seams are reinforced with Australian-made vinyl piping.

The webbing is also sourced locally and is heavily reinforced wherever it attaches to the bag. The rear-facing webbing has just received the SS update, too. Very technically, this means… Shiny Stuff. Two thin reflective tapes are woven through the webbing and, because it’s included into the weave, the Shiny Stuff is visible from all sorts of angles at night, and remains discreet during the day.

High-quality locally-sourced products and lots of thought has gone into the AA Bagz and it shows when you have a close look at the construction methods we use. These bags have done hundreds of thousands of kilometres in service over the last decade and the fitting system is reliable and proven. You’ll love it

Bottom line..... If you love the traditional oilskin look go for it! That's the only reason to choose it to be honest.

It's tough but not as tough as Cordura. All Adventure Riders should be using Cordura as it's a fabric designed to resist abrasion, that's why it is used extensively in motorcyclist's clothing.

Fortress Oilskin has a waterproofing polymer permanantly embedded in the fabric rather that the old style of having it spread on top. It never needs re-proofing.

Cordura has a polyurethane membrane bonded to the back and a water repellant treatment on the surface.

No fabric is more waterproof than the other.

User Reviews

  • Awesome little bag!

    I’ve had one of these bags for years now, I call it the tardis! Haha. Lives on the bike permanently, bloody amazing what gear I have in this bag. I’ve done over nighters just with it. The convenience of access for me for spare gloves, extra layer, lunch etc etc If you’re like me and don’t like tank bags. Get one of these!

    1 month ago
  • AA Bag

    Like all Andy’s gear, this is a superbly made piece of kit. Straps down well & stays where it’s put. Hold a surprising amount of gear & keeps it dry & dustproof. 5 stars

    8 months ago
  • John Rose

    Picked up this bag for the 2018 GS Safari, the simple but effective tie down method worked like a treat. It sat of the back for 5 days of bumps, dust and rain and worked like a charm. It is the goldilocks size, not to big and not to small. It holds a surprisingly large amount of kit. I’ve owned plenty of other tail bags and this by far is a superior product. Thanks Andy for the bag.

    2 years ago
  • AA Bag

    Looking for overnight/ weekend touring options for my new Kawasaki Z900RS Café I purchased an oil skin AA bag (this on basis of my experience with original A Bag used since 2005 on my R1200GS). The smaller AA Bag fits the Z900RS pillion seat like a glove and is ideal for overnighters. I’m a very pleased rider. It’s a quality product and a modern classic.

    2 years ago
  • Mark Antonello AA Bag

    I bought this Rippa little bag 3 months ago to do the KTM Out Back Rally 2018 it carried two Heavy duty tubes ,12 volt pump ,first Aid kit ,snacks and 2 /600ml water it was strapped down on the back rack using the straps and loop rings stitched into the bag. 3600km of bull dust, rock and water crossings every thing stayed dry and dust free a little over 8000km so far. Still like new as it straps down very well and doesn’t bounce around a very good investment for a very small cost you will not be disappointed with this bag .

    3 years ago
  • AA Bag

    I've been using this bag for about 4 years now (along with a smaller bag which sits underneath to give extra storage). I'm able to strap these on my BMW F700GS securely using the straps provided. A lot of thought has gone into the design and you can access your gear easily when needed. The bags have been out in most conditions - no wet clothes & dust free. A good idea to use the Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks as you can compress your gear to fit. Also still look like new after a bit of a scrub. I highly recommend these bags.

    3 years ago

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