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Forma Adventure Boots

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Over the last few years these Adventure boots have gained an unrivalled reputation as the most comfortable riding boot available. Designed to be worn all day, everyday.

Light, comfortable and easy to walk in boot for all motorcycle adventure, no matter how dirty you plan to get. Clomping about in Motocross boots all day has knobs on it! No zippers to stuff up, easy to get in and out of.  A good looking boot errrr.... to boot. The special waterproof sock liner (booty) is designed to last AND work! European made.

  • Available in brown or black, in sizes 38 through to 49 Euro

 Want black? Email me here, I don't keep them in stock. They aren't very popular.


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Boot Sizing info here

Full-grain Oiled Leather upper, vintage leather finish
Adventure double density anti slip/rubber sole. Special nylon Mid-sole with steel shank. These boots can be resoled and refurbished for $185 including return postage.
Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam. Anti-bacterial replaceable insole.
Injection molded plastic front plate. Plastic gear pad protection. Internal molded plastic protection. Ankle reinforcements.
Virtually unbreakable and adjustable GH plastic buckles.
Other stuff to know
CE Certified quality. Latest updated 2016 version. Suitable for men and women. High quality - 100% European production.
Updated DRYTEX® lining (waterproof and breathable). All seams in the membrane are thermowelded to avoid water penetration
A Feather weight 2.8 kg (size 44)

“I searched the market for the best a Adventure touring boot for years, trying and casting off quite a few pairs. I found Forma Adventure Boots in the US at an Expo and immediately fell in love!” — Andy

Forma boots feel more like a hiking boot than a bike boot! In fact check out the sole of a Hi Tech hiker and you'll see what I mean.  These boots really are an all-day deal, cos we all know that clomping about all day in motocross boots has knobs on it! Ride all day, walk to check out interesting places, change and go out to dinner or hang around the campfire.

There’s plenty of things I love about them; they’re easy to step in and out of and there’s no zippers to fight with, clog up or stuff up. The protection level is top notch, which is important to me, and the waterproof sock liner is made to last and, more importantly, work.

They’re European made — rare for this price point — and they look bloody good. Forma have been making boots for a loong time often branding them for well known motorcycling names. They take a lot of pride in great fit and comfort. Forma are also committed to innovation and progressive, incremental improvement of each style.


Here's what the Forma people say.

An inventive footbed that features a simple ventilation system that pumps air from a central position to the entire insole. Air circulation within the boots is a key feature to keep feet cool and comfortable.

After several minutes of use your foot leaves a clear impression in the foam so comfort and a personalised fit is guaranteed everytime the boots are worn.

All of our waterproof boots feature the innovative booty (waterproof inner liner) system. All of the seams in the membrane are thermowelded to avoid water penetration while maintaining elevated breathability. The EVA covering on all of the waterproof boots guarantee maximum shock absorption and protects the booty from being damaged.

Our nylon midsole offers safety and comfort thanks to elevated front flexibility for better gear sensibility while the stiff compound in the back assures perfect stability on the bike. The Dual Flex midsole is featured on all of our riding and touring boots.

The EVA covering on all of the midsoles in the waterproof boots guarantee maximum shock absorption.

No need to worry, post them back free to

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     Unit1 / 95 Brunel rd
     Seaford, 3198.

We'll send the right size out, seriously!
(sorry Australia only)

Please note that this service is offerred once (one free return and exchange at my cost), I am happy to exchange as many times as you like after this but you will need to pay those costs.

User Reviews

  • Forma Adventure Boots

    I bought a pair of these circa 5 years ago. They have been on many adventures. Across the Andes 7 times, Cape York and the Himalayas. They still look new but obviously used. I concur with Andy's sizing recommendation, I agonised over this, finally going for my normal size plus one size up. I worked this out for myself!!!! 44Euro to 45. In Manali India, a boot maker said to only used natural products on the boots. Never Nugget, so everything Andy says is on the point. You clever bugger!!!

    7 months ago
  • Di.

    Hi, I purchased a pair of these last year and absolutely love them. The do what they say on the tin – so to speak. I would just like to ask if I can polish them or the best way to preserve the life of the boot? Note from Andy Feel free to use a leather treatment (we prefer a water based compound, hence NikWax) but ensure you don't clog up the stitching lines. The boots "breathe" from the inner liners via them.

    8 months ago
  • Boots you can live in!

    I've had a pair of the Adventure Boots for about a year now, and I cannot imagine any boot bettering these. I have recently done 2 x 2-week trips, and the only time these were off my feet was when I had them in my sleeping bag. They really stand out as a boot you can walk in, so there's no deterrent to doing hikes to those lookouts or waterholes for a dip ! I can highly recommend these

    10 months ago

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