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Adventure First Aid Kit

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As an ex Emergency Nurse I found tracking down the best motorcyclist's first aid kit pretty difficult.

At the outset I realised I couldn't take the whole ER Resuscitaion Bay with me and many of the tools I was used to wouldn't be useful to lay people anyway.

So started the search.

We need.

  • Comprehensive
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Tamperproof
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Robust
    My search led me the Aide system.

This weatherproof, adventure medical kit is a great all-round option for outdoor groups and families. Contained in a versatile dry bag for reduced weight and volume. Includes the 48-page Aide guidebook and can carry your other small tools and equipment safe and dry. The best bit is that it rolls out like a tool roll.

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