Africa Twin Pannier set up CRF1000 Pannier

$1,020.00 (Inc. GST) Available

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Brand: SW Motech stockist in Melbourne
Condition Highly Recommended
Ships: We are currently being smashed with orders and can't keep up. There will be a four week wait for us to make yours.


CRF1000 and 1100 Africa Twin Saddle bags

Soft luggage for the Honda Africa Twin 1000 and 1100

We have a set for both the Adventure Sport and Standard models

Here's a few images of the Africa Twin set up we have available.

A great combination of our bags and SW Motech frames for the Adventure Sports (fits both the DCT and Manual models) or Standard CRF1000 and 1100.

Add a set of Avduro 2 and off you go.

(please note; this bike is wearing a set of our Avduro LE which preceeded the current Avduro - ONLY BLACK now)

The side frame set is different for each model.

We are being smashed with orders at present, it will take a while to make yours, allow four weeks, sorry.


This is in the package.

1 set SW Motech Africa Twin Pro Side carriers - $460

1 pair Avduro 2 Pannierz - $475

1 pair Extension Strapz - $17

1 pair Linerz - $60

Remember to tell us whether you want a plain AT set or an Adventure Sports set. The side frame set is different.

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