Andy Strapz Tool Roll

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
Ships: We are currently being smashed with orders and can't keep up. There will be a four week wait for us to make yours.



An Aussie made, motorcyclist's tool roll

The best canvas motorcycle tool roll we can make.

Compact, robust for touring and adventure


For years I have made a tool roll for myself when I needed one but have resisted creating a product as I knew that it would be hard to please everybody

After a prod from a customer and the mother of invention I developed one to offer to the rest of yerz. Sure it won't suit everybody but... faeces occurs.

I wanted a small work surface and enough versatility to take different tools on different bikes. 

Made of Aussie canvas, available in blue, blue or blue. It rolls up and clips closed.Australian-Made-logo100.jpg

Includes a flapped pocket for little things and allen key slots

Tools not included.
(Sheesh, I can't believe the world has come to a point where I have to say that!)

We are being smashed with orders at present, it will take a while to make yours, allow four weeks, sorry.

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