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Avduro Pannierz - Version 2

Avduro-II-DE..jpg andy_testing_avduro.jpg andyheld-clobber.jpg tigger15.jpg pannier-cooler.jpg pannier-closing-lge.jpg G650_side.jpg expedition-_africa.jpg Pannier liner andy strap saddle bag bmw 800gs Dynaproof-graphic.jpg avduro-bottle-neck-holder.jpg avduro-2-pocket-size.jpg Avduro-2-DRZ.jpg avduro-2.jpg

Since their inception in 2003 Andy Strapz panniers have evolved in line with the demands of modern Adventure riders. The name Avduro nods its lid to the mix of Enduro and Adventure.

Made in Melbourne from our tried and crashed, 17oz Aussie, Dynaproofed canvas, they are packed (pun intended, sorry) with new approaches to the existing features.

The basics of the bags remain unchanged from those Andy made for himself all that time ago. If it ain’t broke……

Although the basics stood the test of time and Aussie riders, that doesn’t mean the nice little extras can’t be tweaked and improved.

The side pockets are bigger with the rear closed via roll top. Front is the same mesh style of old but uses a special shock cord loop to prevent water bottles bouncing out under the most severe conditions.

Crashability, one of the key design briefs set by Andy, has also been improved by changing the side buckles to a low profile ‘ladder loc’ buckle.

Saddle Bags for where Adventure and Enduro cross tracks.
  • Avduro saddle bags are deliberately zipper-free to increase ease of use and longevity.
  • The same size and shape as Expedition Pannierz just extra restraint strapping points.
  • Side (behind the pockets) crash resistant, restraint straps for a more stable bag in adverse conditions.
  • Designed to be extremely robust and maximum weatherproofing. Can be made waterproof with optional pannier-specific Liner Bagz or your own.
  • We believe that liners should not be permanently attached/fitted into panniers so that the contents can removed without dragging the bags off the bike all the time. This makes life on the road so much more pleasant.
  • 4 pocket, two per bag on front and rear panels. Reflective strip on each pocket.
  • Perfect for hard-box frames or my pannier-specific framez (most hard box frames need our Pannier Extensions).


  • NOTE - When using our Pannier systems on frames other than ours, you will most likely need our Extensions to get the bags a bit further apart.

Compare Expedition and Avduro Pannierz

Frame sets link here

Bear with us, we having trouble keeping up. We are making them as fast as we can. Yours might be a few days in the making.


Heavy weight 17oz Aussie Canvas with ripstop weave
15 to 35 litres per side via roll top adjustment.
New Zealand-made high-quality Acetal clips, rated to 300kg. Tension relieving, non slip tagged low-profile ladder-lock clips chosen specifically to be long lasting and crash friendly.
Water resistance
Highly water resisitant but not entirely waterproof. The main goal is to be tough as nails. Designed and constructed to eliminate pooling. External tape binding on seams increases water resistance. Brass eyelet drain holes on mesh pockets.
What's in the box
A pair of Avduro Panniers
Handmade in-house using a design benefitting from a decade of refinement. All seams double or triple stitched with external reinforcement.
Wider high quality, locally-sourced webbing reinforced at all contact points. Polypropelene in main areas, polyester in high stress zones.
Firm plastic rear panel, inside an internal pouch.
4 Pocket - two per bag, front and rear. Designed to take 1500 Litre water bottles, rear is roll top close.
Max length - 330mm (per bag). Max width - 180mm (per bag). Max height - 300mm (per bag)
Most bikes need a light rail/frame to keep bags out of wheels or off exhausts. Or buy my pannier-specific (or DIY Raw Frame kit) framez. Maniacs cartwheeling into the never never are advised to use a 1250 Flat Strapz around the base
Expedition Pannierz are quicker and easier to use and best suited to adventure riders or long-distance tourers. Can’t fit a frame? Check out universal-fitting throw-over Traveller Pannierz.
2.3kg for the whole set.

“There’s is a new generation of Adventure rider. Well-rounded dirt nutters strapping gear to a mid-sized chooky and going forth at a great pace, cartwheeling into the never never. And they require a new generation of throw-over panniers.” — Andy

Designed to service riders on ‘expeditions’, my original soft panniers were consistently being pushed way beyond what I had in mind for them. So, after five years of listening, two years of testing, refining and testing again; Avduro Pannierz were born then refined to to Version 2.

There’s a reason the Expedition Pannierz are being pushed further than I intended, it’s because they’re easy to use, they’re practical and they’re bloody tough. As part of our react and refine philosophy here at Strapz HQ, where we’re constantly listening to feedback and improving our products, we celebrated the Expedition Pannierz’ 10th birthday with the Avduro makeover.

The Avduro Pannierz retain all the practicality of the Expedition throw-overs — the architecture doesn’t change — they just get even tougher. And to achieve this, I’ve added four carefully considered elements.

Tension-relieving double D-ring sets are added on the sides and across the back to reduce harsh movement dealt out by those relentless corrugations. A wider rear base strap and a low-profile ladder-lock fastener make the Avduros more crash friendly than the Expedition Pannierz, too.

The stitch pattern on the bottle pockets allow belly straps to slide behind the contents of the pockets. The roll top pocket has a back panel to help seal it to dust and crap.

If they’re that much tougher, you might be wondering why anyone would bother with the Expedition Pannierz? That’s easy — Expeditions are simpler to use. The added securing points of the Avduro Pannierz also means a bit more time between you and your first beer at the end of your day’s ride.

If you’re more of an adventure tourer than an outback escapee, you are probably best served by the Expedition Pannierz. But if you’re using hard-box frames then Avduro Pannierz are best suited to keep the bags sitting neater and more toward the vertical on the upright racks those leg-breaker hard boxes need. Either way, be sure to check out my Framez. After all, they’re made to fit my panniers exactly.

Most mobs fix the liners in their bags permanently, to me that makes no sense.

Liners that fit perfectly but are instantly removeable makes much more sense. I can whip the contents out of my bags, chuck 'em in my tent and bugger off to fetch a case of beer in a flash.  

Oh, they make for a waterproof system too.

Many riders have other pursuits like canoeing, hiking and the like, they already have dry bags to use as liners.

Made in Australia to the highest standards, meeting Military specs, CS12 T/S (tear stop) is 100% Corespun. This ensures that the fabric is suitable for any situation where great strength is required.

Tear Resistance: WARP – 250N, (AS 2001.2.10) and WEFT – 190N via a polyester ripstop thread

Breaking Force: WARP – 3200N, (AS 2001.2.3) and WEFT – 2870N

Hydrostatic Head: 800mm min, (AS 2001.2.17)


A traditional canvas thread comprises of a blend of fibres which can be all cotton or a mixture of polyester and cotton or just polyester which are grouped and spun together to create a single thread, which is then woven into a canvas. Corespun canvas is a much more complex process. Each thread consists of a strong centre core of polyester, which is then tightly entwined in a 100% cotton outer layer. This creates a very strong dense fabric that is considerably lighter and stronger, which achieves the better performance than a much heavier traditional canvas otherwise would. Some companies are known to just put a corespun thread in the tears top lines and call it a corespun fabric whereas a true corespun is where all the threads including the tear stop one are corespun .  Defence Forces usually only specify the 100% corespun fabrics because of the strength and performance capabilities of these fabrics 


The Dynaproofed™ process guarantees to be waterproof with every batch of canvas being produced to exacting standards and tested for Hydrostatic pressure
as well as Cone Test leakage. Dynaproofed™ Canvas fabrics offer a Hydrostatic
water resistance of approx 700mm and 0ml Cone Test leakage.

UV & Rot/Mildew Resistant
The Dynaproofed™ chemical formulation also combines for resistance against
degradation caused from harmful UV, as well as rot, mildew and fungicidal attack.

While the canvas guarantees to be waterproof, the impregnation production
system for Dynaproofed™ Canvas fabrics ensures the chemical formulation is
fully immersed into the fabric and squeezed into the fi bres. Unlike coated fabrics,
this exclusive Dynaproofed™ process allows for the unique fabric attributes of
both waterproofness and breathability therefore reducing the possibility of
condensation forming inside the tent.

Construction and Dimensional Stability
All Dynaproofed™ fabric is also pre-treated to remove all weaving oils and lubricants
that attract mildew. During this process the fabric is also processed to control the
shrinkage and dimensional stability to allow only for ‘take-up’ of the seams.


Dynaproof™ reproofing compound is
the recommended product to restore
the waterproofi ng and mildew resistant
properties of weathered Dynaproofed
canvas. Dynaproof is a formulation
modelled on the high performance.



We have many happy GSA riders with our panniers on the OEM frames on their bikes.

There are a couple of regular questions we get.

Here's the answers.

                 Yes, you will need Extensions.

                 We offer a stay (click here) for the exhaust side to reduce the outside risk of the bags slipping through the frames and touching the pipe.

These are from the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition bags which preceeded Avduro 2


  • Rob McFadyen- Avduro LE bags ...Not only cow proof but Emu as well.

    Whilst on my latest adventure up through Dangalli I managed to hit an Emu at about 80 or so Ks. After eventually stopping and checking for damage, I didn't really notice too much and hence continued the ride. Later whilst looking at the bike I noticed the LH bag was hanging a bit off square and upon checking found one of the D Rings broken on the Front LH bag mount. I didn't really think about this too much, just tied it up with a zip tie and moved on. However it was later when getting my gear from the bag that I found my 2 cans of soup with bottoms blown out, 1 jar of coffee, 1 plastic coffee cup, my 4 weetbix and small milk in another plastic container and 1 container of fruit absolutely obliterated "What a mess in the dry bag"!! all my food and gear trashed in one hit. I would never have thought it possible given the only damage externally was a broken D Ring on the top LH front of the bag. I knew these bags were reasonably tough given the dusty and wet conditions these bags have experienced but this gave me a whole new respect for not only their toughness and reliability but the design and construction as well. Well done Andy top product with an affordable price tag. Hey Rob, close shave. They're fixed and ready for the next Emu (or Cow). Andy

    6 months ago
  • They are Cow-Proof!

    I can now vouch that the Avduro limited edition panniers are Cow Proof! On our 7000km Cape York/Gulf/Corner Country (and back to Gippsland) in July I hit a cow - a full grown Brahman cow ran at full tilt out of the bushes. Somehow I managed to stay upright as I speared through the gutters, sand, trees and back onto the road and be uninjured (but the cow was knocked down and spun 180 then limped away). We "met" at about 60-80kmh and it bent the crash bars plus holed my radiator (stupid KTM design flaw - mounting the shrouds to the radiator!)). The cow’s shoulder basically hit the front of the crash bars and as we glanced off each other, the cow’s rump also hit and dragged on the front of the right hand pannier which took a lot of the load. This broke the two front strap attachment points of the pannier – but all the rest of the straps held and it was still so secure that during the disassembly of the bike, we didn't even notice the pannier was damaged because it was still held in place by the remainder. I only noticed the loose straps that night, 200km later. Good redundancy and a solid product! I can't fault these bags - dry (after many deep river crossings), dustproof(after about 5500 of dirt and a hell of a lot of dusty overtakes on 4WDs) and secure (after 5500 of corrugations and a cow), plus they are so easy to use. Tip1: I used some Flat Strapz horizontally around the panniers (a pair on each pannier, 1.0 and 1.25m) so that when the bag wasn't full, they held the stuff closer in and the bike wasn't as wide Tip2: If you want a way to provide security from theft, try the Mini Python cable (1.8mX5mm), Master Brand from Bunnings. $27 Thanks heaps Andy for great products and heaps of good advice. Rob

    7 months ago
  • Avduro Limited Edition Panniez

    I recently bought a set of limited edition Avduro Panniers for my 2010 BMW R1200GS. I had previously owned a set of Expedition Panniers, which I used on a DR650. Loved these as they held lots of gear and a pouch for a water bottle in each. I bought the Avduro Panniers as they have 2 pockets in each, and I found the rear pockets to be perfect for carrying my Jetboil water heater. I used 20litre plastic Jerry cans in my Expedition Panniers, but found them restrictive in what I can fit into the Avduro Panniers, so didn’t use them. The Avduros also have an outside pocket, which is handy for carrying flattish items. I carry a flat packed first aid kit in one. They weigh about 1.1kg each, compared with the 6kg plus each of the plastic BMW Vario Panniers saving over 10kg overall. Also a big advantage is that the bags load from the top so that every space can be utilised. The roll top is very effective. I have travelled to the Sunshine Coast recently and found the bags very effective and practical. It rained heavily whilst in Queensland and the Panniers did take in a little moisture, but I had not got around to seasoning the stitching by soaking and drying a few times as is recommended. Attachment was by more than enough straps, to attach to the Andy Strapz pannier racks which I was lucky enough to buy second hand. The bags didn’t move over 4000kms. No sign of rubbing either. I did however spend a lot of time in the garage fitting the bags properly as per Andy’s written instructions. In conclusion I am very happy with the Avduro Limited Edition Pannierz (mine is #25)

User Reviews

  • Bloody Good Stuff.

    Got my pannierz and rack. Fit straight on the bike with no stuffing about. Very impressed, I'd recommend these to anyone. 5 Stars.

    2 weeks ago
  • Highly Recommneded!!

    A few months ago, I bought a pair of Avduro Soft Panniers and Liners for my 2017 R1200GSA. Their first real try out was the Ulysses Melbourne Autumn Alpine Tour – an overnighter to Fall’s Creek. With an inch (25mm) of rain from Omeo to Fall’s and then another 10mm next morning from Fall’s to Myrtleford, if ever bags were going to fail the waterproof test, this was the time!! Nope – totally dry, totally waterproof!! I enjoy a ride in the rain if I’m well prepared and the security of knowing your dry gear is exactly that adds heaps to the enjoyment!! Highly recommended!! Also very happy with the advice, support and prompt service too – great mob to deal with!! Many thanks Greg Gleason

    1 year ago
  • Great product and after sales service

    My first set of Andyz lasted over 600 000kms. I replaced them and burnt a hole on the new set Andy repaired them and had them back to me in Sydney in less than 1 week. Great service, Thank you. Russ

    2 years ago
  • Craig Munro

    G'day Andy, We've been busy beating the crap out of your kit for the past 7 month and have to say that your stuff is not just tough it's AFRICA tough! So much stuff has failed to take the abuse over here but your A Bagz, Expedition Pannierz and Avduro Pannierz have been holding it all together from the bottom of Africa now to the top!

    2 years ago
  • A must have

    I purchased these bags in 2012. Since then they have seen out two Teneres and thousands of off-road kilometres., numerous crashes and plenty of bad weather riding from mud, rain, dust extreme heat (Tenere Tragics 2016 ride ) . These bags will last my riding days out. If I needed another set these are what I would get.

    2 years ago

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