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Bar Back handle bar risers

SW-Bar-Back-BMWgs-08-12-front.jpg SW-Bar-Back-BMW-BLK-top.jpg SW-Bar-Back-BMW-BLK-front.jpg SW-Bar-Back-BMW-BLK.jpg SW-Bar-Back-var-side.jpg SW-Bar-Back-var.silver.jpg SW-Bar-Back-var.side.silver.jpg SW-Bar-Back-var.jpg SW-Bar-Back-BMW-SIL.jpg

Get the bars just where you want them.

Handle bar position is not a one size fits all thing.

  • Raises 32 mm and relocates the bar 25 mm back/front
  • Optimises the sitting position
  • CNC-milled, made of extremely firm aluminium alloy
  • Elegant design


  • 2 Bar Riser
  • 2 Handlebar Clamps
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


  • No extension of cables and looms necessary

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