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Blizzard by Barkbuster

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What a find!

It's getting dark, it's raining, maybe sleeting, it's hard to tell. I'm 50km east of Cooma, who'd be dumb enough to be here in June? It's cold and rained most of the trip from Melbourne today, my gloves have hardly been wet at all.

Remarkably, I turned on the heated grips for the first time as I left Bombala but geez, I need 'em now! I was sooooo pleased I fitted the new Barkbuster Blizzards last night.

Aussie ingenuity at it's best. I wish this was my work, they are brilliant!

No "backbone" Bark Buster frames required but will fit over them if fitted.
What's in the box
Two Handguards, an amazing collection of bolts, spacers and inner tube clamps.
Stifferner in the outer end and arced around the front of the hand guard.

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