Buff Kumihimo Multi

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Buff Orginal Kumihimo

Buff Kumihimo Multi function headwear COVID face covering


About Buff

Made from polyester micro fibre, it's designed to quickly wick, absorb and evaporate moisture.

A SINGLE layer flat on your skin and NO air pockets will make the fabric transport all moisture away from your skin, distribute it over the entire area where it finally evaporates. This evaporation creates a cooling effect that takes the heat of your skin and lets you stay in the comfort zone.

A SINGLE layer in wrinkles and the fabric will protect you from chill while remaining fully breathable. Change to this method in chilly conditions to get back into your comfort zone.

Fold your Buff® so that the fabric lies in several layers on your skin. This way the fabric will develop a warming effect. The more layers you fold the stronger this effect.

  • Feels great on your neck and under your helmet.
  • Saves you a lot of other stuff. It can be used as: Scarf, Face Mask, Helmet Liner, Neck Cooler, Bandana, Beanie... and many other ways.
  • Fits into the smallest pocket if not needed.
  • Great to stop wasp and bee stings on your neck.
  • Wet it to provide cooling.
  • Micro fibre is also breathable and wind resistant.

  • Ultra stretchy
  • UPF 50
  • It performs as an insulator that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • A seamless knit fabric for a comfortable fit.

  • Holds its shape wash after wash.

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