Carese 2 Jacket GREY/BLUE M

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Brand: held
Condition Andy Strapz Tested
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Held Carese 2 Touring and Adventure Jacket

Here at Strapz HQ we've fallen head over heels for the Carese Jacket.

We think that this is the best value high quality jacket out there. Design and manufacture that represent 70 years of Held experience.

  • Tailored cut
  • Ergonmonically shaped for riding comfort
  • Carefully thought out, comprehensive 14 vent system
  • SASTEC Smart Armour
  • Easy access waterproof main pockets
  • 3D lining for airflow in the back

 The really clever and useful feature is the Goretex® inner that doubles as an outer! Wear it over the top and keep the jacket vents open. How good's that!

Email for stock and ETA

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

All garments come with a free mail return sticker. You are welcome to exchange as many times as you need to, we pay for the first one.

 I do have a good selection of sizes and colours but Andy Strapz and Held Oz struggle to keep all sizes, of all colours, of all items in stock all the time. Flick us an email and I'll check what's available here at Strapz HQ, Held Oz or in Germany and get back to you. In reality it takes a couple of contacts to get the sizing as close as we can so it is actually a better way to look after you I think.




If you look closely you'll see who else they make gear for...That big Bavarian propeller swirling mob. This stuff oozes quality!

Our testing has clocked up about 15,000km between two of us on this jacket and the Torno pants. I racked up 9,000 in all conditions, from 28 degrees in the outback to near snowing from Lithgow to Oberon.

Year round performance in 4 seasons and the 4 elements is the goal, Held call it Quattrotempi. The really cold conditions really tested the Four Seasons thing and I really needed extra layers (as you'd expect) but they were the same layers as I'd used with other riding gear. Everything I owned!

A mind boggling array of vents is where this jacket shines in our riding conditions. Ventilation is not just whacked in somewhere, it's designed so that each vent communicates and compliments its neighbour. This creates the best airflow possible.

The really trick part of this system is the Goretex® liner that can be worn as outer rain wear, stopping the jacket "wetting out" in really foul or changable weather. Imagine riding in thick, sticky humid weather and it starts to rain, those big fat, bucket size drops. You quickly slip on the liner as an outer, leaving the vents of the suit open! How good's that! The liner actually makes a fine casual jacket too.

It can be a bit nervy ordering stuff like expensive clobber off the web, I get it.

That's why I don't list the stock on hand. We need to sneak up on this and get it as right as we can first time.

So, what we do is communicate back and forth 'til we both think we are on the same page.

Exchange is always never a problem as long as the goods come back in new condition.

Not all sizes and style are held (sorry....) in Oz all the time and Murphy plays havoc with any forward planning. Held are a huge company in the EU and US so we tend to get the left overs (as usual).

Click here for the sizing info page.

Phone 03 9786 3445

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