Compression Dry-Bags Small

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Brand: sea-to-summit
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Waterproof bags with compression straps and eVent membrane, brilliant!

Andystrapz-approved-logo.gifA magic compression bag with a one way eVent membrane that allow air to escape but no water to get in.

Compression bags are a must for serious travel, they save so much room!

Light fluffy stuff like clothing packing can be reduced in size by up to 60%.

eVent compression dry bags uses an air-permeable base made of eVent® waterproof fabric, which allows air to be pushed out of the sack,but won’t  allow water to get back in.

I wished I had invented it! Just load in the gear, close it up and pull on the tapes.
Reduce the volume AND keep the contents dry!

Small eVent Dry Sack - 18 x 40cm. Weight 129g, compresses from10 to 3.3 Litre
Medium eVent Dry Sack - 20 x 46cm. Weight 148g, compresses from 14 to 4.5 Litre
Large eVent Dry Sack - 23 x 50cm. Weight 168g, compresses from 20 to 6.7 Litre
Extra Large
X Large eVent Dry Sacks - 27 x 58cm. Weight 210g, compresses from 30 to10 Litre
The bigger the bag the larger the base size. Do you need a long skinny bundle or short fat one?
70 denier water proof fabric, eVent membrane base
  • Air compresses out, water cannot get in
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof and air permeable eVent® fabric base
  • Waterproof seams, double stitched and fully tape sealed
  • 10,000mm waterhead, lightweight durable Nylon fabric
  • Hypalon® roll top closure does not wick moisture
  • Reinforced stitching on all stress points

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