Covaz fits all but the biggest bikes

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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A mini motorbike cover for touring or commuting.

A lightweight cover for the motorcycle while travelling.

Australian-Made-Logo.gifSort of like a tent fly for the motorbike.

  •  A very light weight 70 Denier, ripstop cover for your bike when you're away from home.
  •  Protects instruments, controls and seat.
  •  Reduces temptation to touch the bike.
  •  Keep your riding gear out of the elements while camping.
  •  Three years in the making. Tested in the bleak wintery gales of Phillip Island and the High Country of the Australian Alps. 
  •   Attaches to the bike with adjustable 3mm, stretch, shock cord loops. Some imagination is required at the pointy end of the bike. Try the loops on the indicators, brake calipers or fairing mounts.
  •  Inverts into its own bag measuring about 25cm long by 10cm diameter. It actually fits back into the orginal bag!
  •  Covaz fit most middle size bikes. We have tried it on many different naked, sport, adventure, touring bikes and cruisers. It will not fit the large tourers like the LT BMWs and ST1300s. 
  • Naturally as usual, if it doesn't fit I'm happy to refund your money.
  • Out of sight, out of mind principle when travelling.

I use mine every trip and have done for many years. When I'm camping I find it really useful to keep my helmet up on the top triple clamp under the Cover.

User Reviews

  • So easy to use

    Been riding for 45 years and used tarps, hootchies and just plastic. What i love about this is so quick to deploy, quick to put away as the bag is builtin and it really goes back in easily. The elastic tie downs make sure it all stays on nice and tight, they easily go around blinkers, footpegs, brake levers. I got caught last week at midnight whenit started to rain and had been t lazy/tired to put the cover on with the warm dry weather. Even in the dark was quick and easy, the tie downs made sure the wind did not matter and next morning it made the difference. Totally recommend this cover

    3 months ago
  • Good stuff

    I take it on all the Guzzi club weekends. Keeps the rain and dew off the instruments and seat. Takes up no room and tucks back into its own pocket easily.

    3 years ago
  • Bike cover

    Got it up today, I have been riding for 40 years and have used big tarps and other stuff, this little light cover has been long over due ! top stuff Andy, thankz Will.

    4 years ago

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