Crash Bars
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Brand: SW Motech stockist in Melbourne
Condition Beautifully Made


SW Motech Crash Bars

Crash bar protection is cheap insurance, often less that your excess!

Even a minor servo tumble can cause ridiculously expensive damage.

I like the SW Motech bars because they are sturdy and designed to protect bodywork sitting up higher than many other offerings including factory crash bar sets. I have personally used them on three bikes now.

  • Reliable protection of important motorcycle parts
  • Strong frame connection
  • Colours usually black or silver, some stainless steel options.
  • Suits the appearance of the motorcycle
  • Precise reliable fit
  • All bolts, nuts and spacers supplied

Please flick us an email to check availability of style and colour to suit your bike, we can't keep everything in stock but we can track some down.


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