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Brand: Earmold
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Earmold Australia provider Melbourne

Earplugs and Communications. Protection from noise, swimming, sleeping, industry, racing, motorcycling, aborists, shooters, pilots.

Custom made earplugs and communication systems.

Andy is a trained and authorised Earmold provider with more than 8 years experience on top of 25 years as a senior Emergency Nurse. 

Prior to being trained he was an Earmold user for around a decade.

Hearing protection for 

  • Motorcycling
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Working
  • Gardening
  • Racing
  • Sleeping
  • Security Guards
  • Tree Surgery
  • Concerts
  • Relaxing
  • Flying
  • Piloting

World leading technology breakthrough with the highest grade premium medical silicone material that reduces high level frequencies but still lets you hear speech without the need of acoustic filters

The Earmold®™ process takes minutes to produce years of hearing protection and is guaranteed to fit as they are custom made to your ears "ON THE SPOT", no need for impressions, and no waiting weeks to get them back, ready to use the same day

They are comfortable enough to be worn all day and sleep in all night.

Water tight seal make them great for swimming and bathing, perfect for children with grommets.

Washable which makes them easy to clean and very hygienic and easy to fit in seconds.

Available in solid colours and endless multi-colour combinations.

The Earmold®™ earplugs can be teamed up with a variety of electronic devises from mobile phones, Bluetooth intercoms, two way radios, IPods and GPS for super clear sound even in noisy environments.

Earmold Australia®™ Insta-Mold®™ earplugs are the ONLY "On the Spot" custom made hearing protectors that to comply with the Australia hearing standards AS/NZS1270-2002 as a true Class 5 protector with an SLC 80 rating of 28.

Our procedure is especially developed to assure a "tissue to tissue" fit and is achieved because the individual's ears are used as the moulds so that the inserted Insta-Mold®™ material cures to the exact contours and shapes of the ear canal for a snug watertight fit. Earmold Australia®™ Earplugs are made from the highest medical grade premium silicone which is hard wearing yet still soft, pliable and will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction throughout their lifetime.

With an average life span of between 2 to 5 years and even longer the Earmold Australia®™ Earplugs will provide you years of use and have a 2 year warranty against cracking or splitting. They are a true Class 5 hearing protector and are made on the spot taking about 10 minutes to mould and are usually ready for use within an hour, larger groups may take longer. They can be made with or without handles and a neck cord to keep them together as a pair and will not interfere if you wear glasses or head protection and come in a handy carry case.

With colour choices to choose from and the benefits of Insta-Mold®™ you will love these earplugs for years to come.

Come to us (appointment required) or for 15 or more we can come to you (South Eastern Melbourne Metro, others incur a travelling fee).

Prices start at $90 a set

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* please ignore the message - "Earplugs" will be back in stock soon, please drop us line to secure an appointment.

Instamold Earplugs are usually ready within an hour and half if made in our 'Lab'. We need you for about 20 minutes. Most people head off to other appointments after the initial molding and come back to pick up their completed plugs. Feel free to hang out with us while we finish your earplugs. Or.. we can post them out to you if you are in a hurry on the day.

We open 9-5 Mon-Thurs, 3.30pm Friday and the first Saturday of the month 10-1pm. Appointments are good idea so that we end up in the same place at the same time. If you find a empty slot in your diary and want to pop in please call ahead to make sure I’m available.

Instamold plugs start at $90, we can add speakers (starting at $220 complete), corded or Bluetooth to your new or existing plugs.

Labflex plugs require impressions sent to Perth where earplugs are made from them. Total cost starts at $180

Andy Strapz an authorised agent

Earplugs of course

We can embed speakers intom the earplugs to make high quality custom 'earbuds' using either single or dual driver, speaker technology.

We have a selection of wired and Bluetooth units.

We cater for industry, defence, race comms, pilots, security, police, two way radio earplug systems, shooters noise cancelling sets.

Plain plugs


Added Cord


Recreational Phone Monitor—Tube set


In Ear Music Monitor—Short


In Ear Music Monitor—Short DUAL Driver


In Ear Music Monitors—with control


In Ear Music Monitors—with control DUAL Driver


Bluetooth Music monitors


Bluetooth Music monitors DUAL Driver


Extension lead 90cm


Single Plug


Mono Wire and 1 plug


Mono Wire and two plugs


Race Monitors Stereo


Race Monitors Mono


Race Monitors RCA or Pilot CEP plugs


Replacement Airtubes

$15ea +$5 fitting)

Fitting Fee old plugs—new electronics


Impressions for Lab Plugs


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  • Josh

    Hi Andy, Josh here, just wanted to drop a note to say how fantastic your service was today and incredibly genuine too. It put me at ease with the Ear Molds and my partner and I are super excited and now, with your service, reassured about swimming with the ear protection. I have emailed EarMolds Australia singing your praises. Thanks so much, Josh We fitted splashproof plugs over Josh's Lyric Hearing Aids - Andy

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