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Expansion Pak and A Bag Combo

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A combination of our A Bag and a 10 litre "under bag" that makes for a flexible luggage system.

Fit the Expansion Pak beneath an A Bag or AA Bag it is exactly the same 'footprint' or maybe that should be bagprint as the A Bagz main compartment...

The Expansion Pak is stiffened just like the bag they sit below, and zippered on each end.Simply thread the straps that secure the A Bagz to the bike through the loops on the Expansion Pakz and 'Bob's yer mother's brother!

Secure and neat.Copy (6) of Australian-Made-Logo.gif

If it's not needed when you leave home pop it in the bag (A Bagz only it in the A Bag) or strap it to the outside with the bag's tiedown straps.

We have had success with the combination of A Bagz Expansion Pakz and AA Bagz on top, it makes a very neat package. In fact it is my preferred option/combination.

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What's in the box?

1 x A Bag

1 x Expansion Pak

1 x Loopz for a perfect fit.

When you buy this package we knock $20 off the Expansion Pak.

New Zealand-made Acetel nylon weight-rated release clips.
High quality, Australian-made webbing with reflective weave. Reinforced at all attachment points.
Tough 600-denier Cordura with waterproof backing or Fortress Oilskin. All seams double-stitched and reinforced internally with cloth tape and protected externally with tough vinyl piping
Cordura or Fortress Oilskin, Expasion Pack to add 10litres extra capacity.
Handmade in-house from exclusive one-piece pattern which minimises needle penetration and improves durability
Robust self-repairing #10 chain-type
Bonded internal membrane, angled compartments, storm flap, covered zippers.
Four nylon rods (1x front, 2x base, 1x rear on A Bag, 2 on Expansion Pak) means a sturdy, self-supporting outer shell
1.2 kg
Total 40 litres
Length 700mm (handle bar width on most bikes. Width 270. Height 370mm with both bags together.
Cordura or Fortress Oilskin.

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