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Forma Terra Adventure Boots

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Terras are not a replacement for Adventures but a different boot. I've ridden over 15,000km in them them and I'm impressed.

These are the mid-point between Forma’s fabulous Adventure and the hard-core Terrain Tx

  • CE-certified protection
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Dual-density, oil-resistant sole
  • Drytex inner liner is both waterproof and breathable
  • Closure by way of unbreakable alloy buckles
  • Innovative ventilated and anti-bacterial footbed
  • Incorporated steel shank and internal nylon reinforcements for increased rigidity
  • Extra soft polymer memory foam for guaranteed personalised fit
  • Suede leather heat protector
  • Available in black or brown, in sizes 39 through to 49

Please note I carry brown in stock and will get black in for you if you want them - email here

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x pair of optional stainless-steel toe caps
  • 1 x pair of Forma Terra Boots

 Compare Terra and Adventure here


Full-grain leather upper. Vintage look finish
Full stiff Adventure double density anti slip/rubber sole. Special nylon Mid-sole with steel shank. These boots can be resoled and refurbished for $185 including return postage.
Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam. Anti-bacterial replaceable insole.
Incorporated steel shank and internal nylon reinforcements for increased rigidity. Polyurethane nylon reinforcements. TPU Ankle shields for extra protection. PU external Shin, Ankle and Foot protection.
Virtually unbreakable and adjustable GH alloy buckles.
Padded inner lining.
DRYTEX® waterproof/breathable liner.
Other stuff to know
CE Certified quality. Latest updated 2016 version. Suitable for men and women. High quality - 100% European production.
3.5 kg pr Size 44

“After a year of development, Forma’s second-tier adventure boot I got the first pair and they didn’t disappoint.” — Andy

 Forma’s Terra boot isn’t a replacement for the Adventure, it’s at a different level. Instead of finding the middle ground between a comfortable touring boot and a dirt boot, like the Adventures do, the Terra goes a bit further and finds the middle ground between an Adventure Touring boot and a motocross boot.

 They’re for the fella — or fella-ette — who’s looking for a bit more protection and peace of mind.

 Some might call it a stiff adventure boot, others might call it a softer, comfortable motocross boot — either way it’s a clever boot from Forma and, as far as we can tell, it’s a boot hasn’t got any real competition in the current marketplace.

 Mine are now at least 12,000km old and have been well abused. My Terra's are now the go to boots.

Sizing is simple.
Convert your UK size to Euro size and go up one.

For example

I'm a size 8, that's 42 so I wear 43 EU. We'll offer a free return (return as many times as you like but you pay for it after the first one).

Click here for more sizing info

No need to worry, post them back free to

     Reply Paid 90320
     Unit1 / 95 Brunel rd
     Seaford, 3198.

We'll send the right size out, seriously!
(sorry Australia only)

Please note that this service is offerred once (one free return and exchange at my cost), I am happy to exchange as many times as you like after this but you will need to pay those costs.

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