Husqvana 901 Norden saddle bag support frames

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia



Husqvana 901 Norden saddle bag support frames

Copy (6) of Australian-Made-Logo.gifAustralian Made, saddle bag frames for Husvana 901

Lightweight, frames to support throw over pannier bags

As the weight of the bags is carried on the seat we only require the frames to stop the panniers flapping about or contacting the exhausts.

You'll see all sorts of comments out there in webland. A common comment is that our frames are too lightweight. Our approach is to make a frame that can take minor tumbles, be straightened with a pair of hands and a size nine after bigger ones, repaired in a cockies shed and protect the subframe of the bike by being somewhat "sacrificial".  Andy Strapz pannier support sets weigh in the region of 2kg so we ain't making crash bars for the rear.

Supplied with all fittings and spacers required.

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