Heated Socks S/M EU41 and below

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Heated Socks

Solution for cold feet

Keep your feet warm on the bike

Tested by us last winter, these socks not so much heat your feet but stop them getting cold. I kept the controller in my tank bag and could change the settings easily via the bluetooth controller. I tend to use mine with an under sock to keep them cleaner.


Here's what Zarkie reckons

The new Zarkie Bluetooth Controller USB Battery Heated Socks now come with the ability to control them from your phone which makes customising your heat even easier.

The heating element is located underneath the toes which work with your shoes to trap the heat in and keep the rest of your body warm. We all know that once your feet and hands get cold then your body will follow.

The socks offer 3 settings that can be controlled from the Zarkie APP which can last for 9+ hours on the low setting. They can also be used without the Bluetooth controller and and powered directly from the battery. Having the electronics built-in to the battery itself means you can remove all the sensitive parts of before washing which gives them a huge life span. The cotton fabric makes them soft, breathable and comfortable as well as durable.

Two sizes 

S/M Euro size <4o

L/XL Euro size >41

Zarkie Heated Socks come with two revolutionary 5V 1A 2400mAh Power Banks.  Weighing only 60 grams and 100mm X 50mm X 9mm in size, these batteries are so small you barely know they’re there yet can give heat up to 9+ hours.  They are designed to sit flat against your leg.

They can even charge your phone when you’re not using them to keep your feet warm.

Zarkie Battery Heated Socks have a heating element that sit directly UNDER the toes.  They then use your existing footwear to trap the heat in and warm the foot.

The new Zarkie socks come with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to control your climate directly from the Zarkie APP.  This takes a large amount of the electrical component out of the sock allowing for a longer life span.  The socks can also be powered without the controller directly from the socks.



Power System 5V 1AMP USB Power Bank (pair)
Heating Elements Under of the toes
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Battery Capacity 2400mAh each
Condition New
Gender Unisex
Exterior Fabric Cotton Blend
Style Heated Sock



Low / Blue LED Light 9+ Hours
Medium / White LED Light 6+ Hours
High / Red LED Light 3+ Hours

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