Helinox Chair Zero

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Helinox Chair Zero Hiking Camping chair

The lightest and most compact camp chair around

I've been a fan of Helinox Chairs for a while and used one for as long.

A regular part of my bike camp kit, it's proven sturdy and reliable. It's still as good as the day I bought it.

Here's what Helinox reckon.

The secret to Chair One's success?
Advanced TH72M alloy by DAC for the frame.
High-strength nylon hubs.
Premium seat fabrics and reinforcing panels.
Strong & durable stitching.

Packed length of just 35 cm and weighing only 510 grams.
Linking the frame sections with elastic shock-cord means the chair almost assembles itself.
Frame is designed with an amount of 'flex' so it can mould itself to your body shape.
Carry bag can be attached to frame for storage.
Webbing ladder and two large loops on the carry bag for easy attachment to a backpack, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.
Optimum comfort from such a compact package.

The optional Ground Sheet prevents the legs from sinking into sand or soft ground.
The optional Seat Warmer is filled with duck feather and keeps you warm and cosy on cool nights around the camp fire.
Optional 'Rocking Foot One' is a removable rocker accessory that converts Chair One to a rocking chair. Has the added benefit of allowing the chair to tilt forwards – handy when tending a stove on the ground.
A set of 4 removable 'Ball Feet' is available to help prevent legs from sinking in muddy ground. Ball Feet are easier to clean than a Ground Sheet in this situation.


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weight ratings

Rated to 120kg


  Assembled Packed

25 in / 64 cm

13.5 in / 35 cm


18.5 in / 48 cm

3.5 in / 10 cm



20 in / 52 cm

3.5 in / 10 cm


1 lbs. 1 oz. / 0.49 kg

1 lbs. 2 oz. / 0.51 kg


265 lb / 120 kg


5 years

When the world's best expedition tent makers want lightweight alloy poles, there's only one place they go to: the DAC company.

Highly respected in the outdoor industry, DAC has spent many years inventing and refining the techniques needed to produce high-strength lightweight alloy tubing. Along the way they have developed many technical innovations and considerable expertise in design. The DAC research & design facility in South Korea now includes the world's only wind tunnel specifically for tent evaluation and design.

It was from this long history of design & innovation that Helinox was born. 

Drawing on the advanced alloys developed by DAC, Helinox products bring the benefits of strong, lightweight, compact design to new fields – camp chairs, camp stretchers, tables and walking poles.

To guard against corrosion and preserve appearance, aluminium alloy components need to be anodised.

Traditionally the anodising process involved boiling alloy components in a brew of nitric & phosphoric acids. 

Long before ‘eco’ became a buzz word in the industry, DAC started trying to eliminate harmful nitric & phosphoric acids from the anodising process.

After 8 years of trial and error, DAC perfected the ‘Green Anodising’ system that is used to treat all Helinox products. A water recycling program in the anodising facility further reduces environmental impacts.

The end result ensures longevity of TH72M alloy components while reducing negative impacts for both the environment and the people who manufacture your Helinox gear.

TH72M is the technologically advanced alloy developed by DAC and used in the outdoor adventure equipment industry wherever maximum strength with minimum weightis required. All the best quality lightweight tents use DAC tent poles made from TH72M.

When it comes to walking poles, camp chairs, cots & tables, only Helinox products use TH72M.

A major leap forward

TH72M represents a major leap forward for lightweight material science – setting a new benchmark far ahead of previous standards.

DAC engineers worked closely with metal producers for several decades to develop improved alloy blends. Apart from reaching new heights of strength, TH72M broke through a development barrier that has eluded the industry for many years. The phenomenon of “stress corrosion cracking” (SCC) arises in very thin lightweight tube. The grain structure of the alloy can break down to produce a “cracking” effect - substantially weakening the material.  

This meant it was necessary to produce alloy tubing with thicker walls to avoid the SCC problems. The thicker walls provided no increase in overall strength – just extra weight.

TH72M is a very strong material that is also largely free of SCC characteristics. That means TH72M can be used to produce alloy tubing that is “thinner walled” than ever before. The result is tubing that is considerably stronger (because of the superior strength of TH72M) and considerably lighter (because the wall thickness can be reduced without SCC problems).

80 steps to perfection

The sucess of TH72M isn't just about the alloy formulation – that's just the start. Over 80 separate processes are needed to turn raw alloy into the finished TH72M tubing.

High specialised extrusion, heat treatment and anodising processes have been developed by DAC over many years. Specialist machinery has been designed in house by DAC to cope with the extremely high extrusion pressures and deliver ultra fine tolerances. 

Now you can enjoy the benefits of all this hard work – with gear that is strong, light, comfortable and compact!

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