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Helmet Liner

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Helmet liner made by us provides a "skull cap" style head cover.

Highly recommmended.

It’s amazing what a thin layer of superfine merino will do under a helmet. It can help keep it cleaner, your head warmer (and cooler in hot conditions) and generally more comfortable

 Superfine, non itch Merino wool,

  • Warm in winter,
  • Cool in summer,
  • Keeps the inside of your helmet cleaner,
  • Keeps ears under control,
  • Helps keep earplugs (especially music wired ones) under control as you don the brain bucket.
  • Non itch and pong resistant,
  • Features an anatomical, contoured design with flatlock stitching.

Smartwool dropped this item so I went to Icebreaker who have now dropped theirs. Smartwool have brought theirs back. Geez!

After a lot of stuffing about I've decided that we should simply make these ourselves.

Now with a classy orange stitching.

One Size - fits all but the very biggest melons.

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