Hot Loopz Natural Colour, Each

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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Figure of eight, one inch webbing that is designed to withstand 815 degrees Celsius.

Create luggage attachment points from existing bike parts, yet still touch mufflers.


  • Ideal for bikes with under seat exhausts.
  • Slip them under the seat to attach bags or straps.
  • We struck a snag when modern bike designers decided to route the exhausts up under the seat.

There were even less places to attach A Bagz and AA Bagz. Eureka! We found a webbing that can cope with temperatures up to 815 degrees Celsius. To test them I wrapped the prototype around the header pipe on my bike with no problems. Now you can use our fabulous A Bagz, AA Bagz and Smart Strapz on bikes like R1s, CBRs, Sports Ducatis, MT01s and MV Agusta. They provide an attachment point that gives riders of bikes with under seat exhausts new options!

 Please note: 
Hot Loopz are a semi disposable item. They will need replacing after a while (like tyres, oil, brake pads, red wine). Sorry, there are no guidelines we can give you, It depends on how much stress the open weave webbing is subject to in your particular application. When they look stuffed replace them!



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