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KTM 790 Saddle Bag and Support Frames

avduro-2-ktm-790-rear-qtr.jpg ktm-790-rear-pipe-side.jpg ktm-790-LHS-side-frame.jpg frame-KTM-790-Andy-Strapz.jpg ktm-790-top-front.jpg ktm790-rear-qtr-pipe.jpg Pannier liner andy strap avduro-2-KTM790.jpg

Tough Soft Adventure Luggage for the 790 KTM

We think we have world a leading pannier system for the 790 Adventure bikes

The Strapz elves have had their sticky fingers all over the new 790 Kato and developed a set of frames to support our Avduro Pannier saddlebag (fits all previous saddle bag sets of ours too) systems. And…I’m chuffed with the result.

Designed to have the weight of the bags taken on the seat, they are strong but light. We’ve carefully considered stress and impact areas, applying lessons learnt from 15 years of making our support frames.

Although the frame set accommodates most ‘throw-over’ bags and all Andy Strapz Pannier systems, the new Avduro 2 are the best choice.

Fitted in minutes, frames can be removed when not travelling.

Run with or without pillion peg brackets

Rear cross bracing is redunant on our system as the weight of the bags is borne on the seat. They could be lighter still but riders will crash!

Frame weight - 2 kg frames and all fittings. Mild steel, powder-coated satin black, stainless bolts.

Don't hesitate to flick us an email or giz a call.


We are being smashed with orders at present, it may take a few days to get yours made.

The frame set will fit all Andy Strapz  Pannier systems from our earlier Expedition Pannierz to Avduro 2 including Traveller.

So, if you already have our bags you'll just need a frame set.

If not you'll need the whole shebang. Order the frame set and Avduro 2 Pannierz.

The 790 is such a capable off-road bike that other variants of our saddle bags are not as suited to this bike as Avduro.

All bikes will need a frame set to make our bags work. There are all sorts of frames available out there and Avduro Pannierz will fit almost all of them. My frames are mades specifically for our saddle bags.

You either buy frames to suit the bags you currently own or bags to fit on the frames you currently have.

We offer.

  1. Frames only so you can use your throwover bags
  2. Frames and Saddle Bags
  3. Frames, Saddle bags and Liners

Our package deal includes everything you'll need if you have neither.

  • Frame set (includes bolt kit)
  • Avduro 2 Pannierz set
  • + or -  2 x Linerz 

User Reviews

  • KTM 790 R pannier kit

    Got my Avduro kit delivered exactly as promised, just a few days, in excellent condition. The support bars fitted easily and the whole lot looks brilliant on my KTM 790 R. Thanks Andy.

    21 hours ago

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