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Figure of eight, one inch webbing. Create luggage attachment points from existing bike parts.

Got a bike that is hard to pack or just can't get the luggage to sit right?

Try Loopz — these simple things make attachment points from nothing more that the cycle parts.

  • Slip them under the seat to attach bags or straps.
  • Loop them through foot peg mounts, frame web or slip them under fender rails of cruisers.
  • Use them as tie down assists.
  • Loopz are a simple figure of eight made of 25mm non-stretch webbing.

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  • They are very useful little creatures when it comes to packing a motorcycle.
  • They have an almost magical ability to create mounting points for luggage and strapz where none previously existed.
  • Try keeping them threaded through the sub frame under the seat and folded back ready for use.
  • Place them carefully under the tail light across the rear guard and instantly, a seat bag has anchor points on the most difficult of bikes to pack.

Made of 1 inch black polyester webbing, 55cm long, sewn in the middle.

Colour for demo only

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