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Outhouse - Bog Roll Bag

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Poo tickets are a long way from a luxury if you're a long way from a dunny.

These smart, dry bag based toilet roll holders are always part of my kit when the tent and sleeping bag go on the bike.

Here's what Sea to Summit reckon.

Appreciated by happy campers the world over, the Outhouse is a masterpiece of design that took over 2 years to develop! With an internal toilet roll holder the Outhouse dispenses dry bottom tickets on demand, and can be hung from a nearby tree or even around the neck for bathroom convenience. Perfect for group use, the Outhouse can be kept centrally for both easy access and as an ‘vacant/occupied’ sign.


  • Fully waterproof seam sealed roll top bag
  • Ideal for group use
  • Neck cord attached
  • Internal dispenser allows upside down use
  • Subtle artwork!

Toilet roll not included (as if!)
Only 50 grams

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