Pannier Top Net (pair)

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia



Pannier Top Nets - bungee system

These little jiggers don't look much but are really useful.

Our approach is always the simplest possible.

Like the Pannier Trunk making use of the top of the bags makes a lot of sense.

By sneakily threading of some quality bungee cord and an acetyl nylon, double cord lock we have a very useful addition to our Panniers. Avduro LE come standard with this feature, this kit allows you to convert Avduro and Expedition Pannierz in a couple of minutes.

I can't believe just how much I used mine in testing. Wet weather gear, gloves when stopped for fuel (me or the bike), camping rubbish and a half bag of ice.

Getting the bungee cord to "fall" back into place when opening the bags takes a bit of getting used to but once you do I'm sure you'll agree. The Top Net is a ripper!

Packed in a pair.

Please note, won't fit Traveller Pannierz without using the little stabiliser strap (included in Traveller sets)

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