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Pannier Trunkz

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Pannier Trunkz

Over the last couple of years I have been developing a bag to fit neatly on the top of my Pannierz. I wanted a bag that would provide quick access to light and useful gear like wet weather pants, a neck warmer or my compressor to adjust tyre pressures when swapping from tar to dirt. It's a very useful item to grab wet wether gear when it's pissing it down.

The design brief I set myself had to include a stable, easily accessible bag that didn’t interfere with access to the main bag or the pillion’s comfort. I envisage most riders using only one as I do on the off side pannier.

Made of the same super tough Aussie 17oz canvas as our panniers, it fits the Avduro, Expedition and Traveller Pannierz, using the existing clips and straps to attach. Allows access to teh pannier quickly and easily.

Since its release I have been astounded by the creativity of some of the riders that own them. As you can see they are very adaptable.

Stiffening rods in the sides and along the opening help keep its shape. Trunk closes with 38mm hook and loop fastener and 25mm side release clips.

Weight is limited to 2 kg.Copy (6) of Australian-Made-Logo.gif

Internal dimensions
Diameter 150mm and length 350 mm


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