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Safari Tank Pod

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nullWe've been working on a new approach to "enduro" tank bags for a while now.

The idea was to create a bag that got in the way as little as possible. While a tank bag is a compromise on an Adventure bike it is often one that is well worth making.

I've come up with a unit that is designed around the long range DRZ 400 and DR650 style tank with the high top.

  • The harness fits beneath the filler cap and under the seat.
  • The bag and harness don't need to be touched when refuelling.
  • The bag opens at the top providing a "bucket" like compartment.
  • High strength #10 chain zipper with stress relief pullers.
  • Rain and dust cover permanently attached and tucks away uner the bag.
  • Fuel stable fabrics.
  • Padded sides and base of the bag.
  • Clear map pocket on top.
  • Colour inside so things don't get lost in the half light.
  • Simple and robust.
  • Made in Australia

More images to come

1000 denier "ballistic" nylon Kodra with PU waterproof membrane
Unique under filler cap and seat design. 25mm ladder loc buckles for harness to bike. 20 mm side release clip holds bag
3 Litre

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