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Brand: Schuberth
Condition Andy Strapz Tested
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Schuberth C4 Pro Melbourne's home

C4 Pro by Schuberth, arguably the best flip helmet.

The C4 Pro represents the evolution of the modular helmet, now in Melbourne.

Schuberth helmets have been tantalizingly out of reach for Australian bikers until the grovelment changed their minds and began to recognise the already high international standards set for stack hat testing and certification.

I've tested this helmet over about 1500km and reckon it is all the C4 should have been. Minor gripes with the C4 have been addressed and fixed.

Schuberth's C4 Pro Touring helmet, arguably the quietest on the market, features

  • Flip front (modular)
  • Internal sunvisor
  • Pinlock standard
  • Speakers and microphone pre fitted, ready to accept Schuberth's exclusive (by Sena) comms system.
  • Unique noise reducting neck roll system.

Here's what Schuberth reckon.

 The SCHUBERTH C4 Pro redefines the flip-up helmet and represents the new bench-mark for touring and sports riders with the highest demands.

Modular helmet newly defined: compact design modern style

  • For optimum Bluetooth® and radio  reception. Integrated antenna, pre-installed  speakers and microphone.
  • Plug & play Designed for the new communication  system SC1
  • Extra-large anti-fog lens Wide field of vision even when the  rider adopts a racing posture.

High-tech where safety is concerned:

The unique method for manufacturing shells used by SCHUBERTH makes for low weight combined with optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is an innovation developed by  SCHUBERTH.

It involves an endless glass fibre being cut into pieces by a robot and being blown into a mould. This preform is baked under high pressure in a heatable mould with the addition of a precisely defined quantity of resin to produce an exceptionally solid  shell.

The multi-part construction of the inner lining allows for  outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety.

To ensure a cool head: THE INNER LINING

The ShinyTex® inner lining is designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The fabrics are fast-drying, washable and antibacterial. The seamless head pad guarantees outstanding wearing comfort. Good air circulation through multi-channel ventilation provides additional cooling for the wearer. Of course, the inner lining is Öko-Tex 100 certified, removable and washable.

The ventilation provides even more air for breathing:

A complex multi-channel ventilation system on the inside of the shell ensures a comfortable air flow rate. Air intakes in the forehead and chin areas ensure that you will keep a cool head.


The motor cycle helmet is in accordance with the testing standard ECE R 22.05 and can therefore be used throughout Australia.

Extra-large anti-fog insert lens

Preventing fogging has never been so simple thanks to the Pinlock® anti-fog insert lens.

For a wide field of vision even in a sporty riding position.

Optical class 1: visor (no distortion) with quick-change function
Integrated sun visor, freely adjustable in seconds
PINLOCK120® anti-fog insert lens comes as standard: the ultimate PINLOCK® anti-fog insert lenses for optimum performance


For drivers with a clear view: the visor

All SCHUBERTH visors are visors of the optical class 1. They warrant an undistorted view and are anti-scratch treated. Turbulators for noise reduction on the visor edge. The visor mechanics allow a quick exchange completely without tools.

SC1: The next generation of communication for C4 pro and R2

Communicating, talking on the phone, using the satnav, listening to music – communication now also becomes very simple on the motorbike. Extremely easy installation and invisible technology: the communication unit is slotted into the edge of the helmet and is completely hidden. Microphone and speakers are preinstalled in the helmet.




 Strapz HQ will keep white in stock as best we can, other colours will be ordered in.

Please flick us an email and we'll track down what is avaiable in the main Oz warehouse.

Limited choices of the C4 Pro carbon available from time to time.

Comms systems is 'ere too - click here



Firstly, this how the returns system works.

You get one free return, you can return the helmet as many times as you like but you pay for it after the first exchange.

Measure around your forehead just above your ears for size.

Here's stuff to help...I hope.



User Reviews

  • Geoff's C4

    Hi Andy, Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the C4 helmet. I have had several helmets over the years but nothing compares to the C4. The peripheral visibility is outstanding and road noise is the quietest I have experienced. I should also mention the SC1 Coms unit. This too is a very good unit with excellent sound quality and I love the fact that the mic is built into the helmet so no mic arm to get in the way. Thank you for assisting me in my purchase and may I say it was a pleasure to experience your level of customer service and satisfaction, so often hard to find in today's world. Many thanks Geoff

    3 years ago
  • jamie .s

    great helmet, best i've owned recommend to anyone

    3 years ago
  • Recommend the Schuberth C4

    Hi Andy, I see you now have the Schuberth C4 helmets on your site. It is good to see they are now available in Australia! I purchased a Schuberth C4 in Munich about 9 months ago. It is by far the quietest (wind noise), best fitting and most comfortable helmet I have owned. (I have owned many in 30 odd years or riding). I have found the ventilation to be good even on the hottest days and no issues with fogging in winter. I also have the SC1 advanced communications system and the RC4 remote which makes it easy to use the FM radio, ipod, and sat nav systems with out reaching for buttons on the helmet. I am happy to recommend the Schuberth C4 Helmet. I am also happy to recommend Andy Strapz, good products, great service and genuinely good people. Note my previous helmet was an Arai Corsair V XL. I purchased the Schuberth C4 XXl. Regards, Pete

    4 years ago

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