SC1 Comms for Schuberth C4 and R2. SC1 Standard

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Brand: Schuberth
Condition High Quality
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Schuberth SC1 by Sena

SC1 for Schuberth R2 and C4 helmets integrated communication systems.

Speakers and Microphone is prefitted to the helmets, you just plug these into the slots.


Perfectly integrated
Completely invisible
The SC1 communication system was developed by SCHUBERTH in cooperation with Sena to ensure even simpler operation and improved comfort. It was designed especially for the C4 and R2 helmets.
The microphone, speakers and antenna are already integrated into the C4 and R2 helmets as standard. The SC1 module and battery plug into the helmet.
The controls are positioned at the edge of the helmet for accessibility. You can link it up to an optional remote, making it even easier to use.


Pair your SC1 with your phone and satnav so that you can listen to music, make a phone call or hear navigation instructions. A robust Bluetooth connection links up two external devices at the same time.
The SC1 allows four-way communication with your riding buddies 9 hours talk time.
The SC1 Advanced Version features a built-in FM radio and 14 hours talk time.

Forget about external noise – with Advanced Noise Control™ the wind and road noise is drastically reduced without affecting how you perceive your surroundings. Customise to your own preferences with the SCHUBERTH Smartphone App

You can use the SCHUBERTH Smartphone App to configure the device settings. Launch the App and then just pair your SC1 with your phone. Then you will be able to:
Change device settings
Manage group lists Save favourites (including groups)
Set up speed dial *
Start Group Intercom™
Save pre-set radio stations *

*( SC1 Advanced only)

SC1 Advanced
Invisibly integrated into the helmet (SCHUBERTH C4 and R2)
Advanced Noise Control™ by Sena
Controlled via the Sena Smartphone App (for Android or iPhone)
Can be paired with the optional Bluetooth Handlebar Remote
Bluetooth 4.1
Voice commands
4-way intercom
14 hours talk time
Music sharing
FM radio

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