Adventure Riders now have the best of a few worlds.

Schuberth's E1 Adventure Touring helmet, arguably the quietest on the market, features

  • Flip front (modular)
  • Internal sunvisor
  • Three position, removable (no tools required) peak
  • Pinlock standard
  • Washable chin vent filter
  • Ready to accept Schuberth's exclusive (by Sena) comms system.

Tested recently by Soft Strapz (Anthony).

Here's what Schuberth reckon.


The motor cycle helmet is in accordance with the testing standard ECE R 22.05 and can therefore be used throughout Europe.
The E1 is available in sizes from XS to 3XL. This conforms to head circumferences from 52 to 65 centimetres.

The aeration provides even more air to breathe:

A complex air channel system on the inside of the helmet shell provides a comfortable air flow.
The head aeration leads the air into the helmet for circulation. The visor aeration prevents the visor screen misting-up.
The large regulatable auxiliary aeration on the chin piece gives you space to breathe on demanding tours. It adds fresh air by the litre when it really counts.

For drivers with a clear view: the visor

All SCHUBERTH visors are visors of the optical class 1. They warrant an undistorted view and are anti-scratch treated. Turbulators for noise reduction on the visor edge. The visor mechanics allow a quick exchange completely without tools. Of course the E1 features an anti-fog lens.

Open and closed - well covered into the adventure:

The chin piece of the E1 can be swivelled up as a single piece together with the visor and shield.
The shield (peak)can be fixed in three different positions.
The visor can be used independently from the shield.

That fits: safely and comfortable

COOLMAX® textiles provide a good climate on the inside of the helmet and transport moisture effectively away. This creates constantly a good climate and permanent cooling for the driver.
Of course the inner lining is Öko-Tex 100. It can be removed easily and can be washed.

Quiet for the ear - stable in the wind: the aerodynamics and acoustics packet

The E1 is stable in the wind, without pendulum effect, lift, or buffeting and on top of it is extremely quiet.
Apart from the adapted helmet shape, a spoiler is responsible for this streamlining.
It has been tested many times in the wind channel, has been improved and designed for maximum wear comfort.


New colours shown.

 Strapz HQ will keep white in stock as best we can, other colours will be ordered in.


Firstly, this how the returns system works.

You get one free return, you can return the helmet as many times as you like but you pay for it after the first exchange.

Measure around your forehead just above your ears for size.


A couple of weeks ago I finally got my head inside the E1 Schuberth brain bucket. I guess that's the glass half-full approach to the delays we've had to relax into.

First up it is THE quietest helmet I've worn, period. I reckon the C4 will be the next step down the dB stairs too. Slipping it on my melon, the opening feels more flexible than other flip fronts I used. The lining feels really strange as it's settling into the shape of my bonce. Once it reaches the right place then bingo the fit is lovely, it sort of locks in. The lining is much lumpier than any other helmet I've worn. Some clever Dirk has worked out a way to get airflow and padding into the same spot. If anything it might just be a smidge rounder than the Shoei fit.

I like the variable chin vent idea. Many helmet's vents in this area are either closed or open and I reckon a winter's day is when this feature will come into play.

Those who follow my drivel will remember that I had misgivings about the sun shade. It didn't seem to descend far enough down. I haven't changed my view but in practice doesn't affect me at all. My eyes look through it and focus on what is the otherside. My nose seems to be out of the setting sun's rays too.

The peak feels a bit "flimsy" but like all Adventure riding equipment there are compromises to make and I'd think that the engineers chose weight over bulk. With the twist of a couple of buttons it comes off leaving the E1 set up as a normal flip front modular helmet. A couple of plugs are supplied to fill the holes. Another by-product of the peak that I'm sure the designers didn't intend is that when the whole front of the the E1 is in the up positon the peak gives the visor pretty impressive protection from clumsy buggers in the coffee shop or a motel room.

I guess perching a peak on top of a helmet that's goal is to be the quietest in its class is like asking a juggler to let the balls bounce. "You vant me to do vat?" Once I found the ideal position via the three position adjustment (that can be done without taking the hat off BTW) the areodynamics were quite good. It does however get buffetted by wind shocks from following or passing trucks and the like. In the right position it seems only to be a perception thing as it never bothered me.

All in all, this is a very good helmet. Mixing the best of the road and off-road worlds. In a country where dirt roads are hard to track down inevitably will lead to a road biased brain bucket.This isn't a puffing and blowing, hard core Enduro riding helmet, it is very much a middle ground hat, and it's a good'un.


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