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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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Seat Sack Bag for our Saddle Bags

Add extra capacity to you pannier system

A sneaky little bag that employs the cross straps of Avduro, Expedition and Traveller Panniers.

We've used the same roll down system and fabric as our saddle bags to make a great stash place for light gear.

Capacity - 0 to 25 litres (measured with water not calculated) closed and ready to go.

Weight of bag and harness - 750 gr

Recommended weight limit - 5 Kg

Harness can be left in place when the saddle bags or the Seat Sack is not in use. No need to remove harness from pannier straps for storeage (when dry).

May work with other brands of throw over bags.

Designed to be carried to the bike open with internal handle.

Made in Australia from our tried and crashed, 17oz Aussie, Dynaproofed canvas. Simple, robust and easy to live out of.

We usually have bags on the shelf ready to go but occasionally we may need a few days to finish off a new batch.

Beware of bags that if caught on a stick in the bush will open up like a banana.

CS12 allows us to make crash friendly bags, ones that will go sliding along the road and be ready to go as soon as you get the bike upright. Being canvas it is easily repaired if you do hit hard or have a dumb moment.

Made in Australia to the highest standards, meeting Military specs, CS12 T/S (tear stop) is 100% Corespun. This ensures that the fabric is suitable for any situation where great strength is required.

Tear Resistance: WARP – 250N, (AS 2001.2.10) and WEFT – 190N via a polyester ripstop thread

Breaking Force: WARP – 3200N, (AS 2001.2.3) and WEFT – 2870N

Hydrostatic Head: 800mm min, (AS 2001.2.17)


A traditional canvas thread comprises of a blend of fibres which can be all cotton or a mixture of polyester and cotton or just polyester which are grouped and spun together to create a single thread, which is then woven into a canvas. Corespun canvas is a much more complex process. Each thread consists of a strong centre core of polyester, which is then tightly entwined in a 100% cotton outer layer. This creates a very strong dense fabric that is considerably lighter and stronger, which achieves the better performance than a much heavier traditional canvas otherwise would. Some companies are known to just put a corespun thread in the tears top lines and call it a corespun fabric whereas a true corespun is where all the threads including the tear stop one are corespun .  Defence Forces usually only specify the 100% corespun fabrics because of the strength and performance capabilities of these fabrics 


The Dynaproofed™ process guarantees to be waterproof with every batch of canvas being produced to exacting standards and tested for Hydrostatic pressure
as well as Cone Test leakage. Dynaproofed™ Canvas fabrics offer a Hydrostatic
water resistance of approx 700mm and 0ml Cone Test leakage.

UV & Rot/Mildew Resistant
The Dynaproofed™ chemical formulation also combines for resistance against
degradation caused from harmful UV, as well as rot, mildew and fungicidal attack.

While the canvas guarantees to be waterproof, the impregnation production
system for Dynaproofed™ Canvas fabrics ensures the chemical formulation is
fully immersed into the fabric and squeezed into the fi bres. Unlike coated fabrics,
this exclusive Dynaproofed™ process allows for the unique fabric attributes of
both waterproofness and breathability therefore reducing the possibility of
condensation forming inside the tent.

Construction and Dimensional Stability
All Dynaproofed™ fabric is also pre-treated to remove all weaving oils and lubricants
that attract mildew. During this process the fabric is also processed to control the
shrinkage and dimensional stability to allow only for ‘take-up’ of the seams.


Dynaproof™ reproofing compound is
the recommended product to restore
the waterproofi ng and mildew resistant
properties of weathered Dynaproofed
canvas. Dynaproof is a formulation
modelled on the high performance.



One Seat Bag Harness to attach to cross straps of Expedition, Traveller and Avduro Panniers. 

One Seat Sack bag

One Liner

I've been working on this bag for sometime now. I wanted to make use of the space between the panniers on the seat but not have to strap another bloody bag onto the seat. The obvious thing was to try and employ the panniers themselves to be the carrier. Once I had the harness sorted it was simply a matter of scaling down our Topsak design. It's made to carry to the bike open, pop onto the harness and hold still with velco while the straps are laid across the top. I then just rock the bag back and forth while tighten the straps.

I wanted a bag that didn't interfere with the gear on the rack behind and was easy to get at. It's intended to carry light stuff and keep kit safe from fall overs.

I've really fallen in love with the final prototype. It always seem to have a spot for a bit of tucker, a bottle of plonk or spare gloves. It's easy to live with and stays put. 

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