Shoei Neotec 2- WHITE S

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Brand: shoei
Condition Andy Strapz Tested
Ships: We try to keep the full range of white in stock. Colour is a moving target so please contact us to see what we can offer from HQ


Shoei Neotec 2 modular helmet

I subscribe by the old adage... "if ya got a ten dollar head, wear a ten dollar helmet"

Some may think I have a ten buck bonce but I still want the best protection I can give it.

That's what my last 4 helmets have been Shoei. The last was the flip front Multitec which met its end out the back of Arkaroola. A very good helmet but a bit noisy.

I moved to the new generation Neotec and it streets ahead, it's smarter, quieter and better ventilated. A mob who've been making bonce covers since 1959 must have a reasonable idea by now.

The Neotec 2 is here now and represents refinement and updating of a already top notch helmet.

This is what Shoei reckon

"Shoei pride themselves on manufacturing the world's leading premium helmets, and they have spared no expense when producing their new flip up helmet, the Neotec. Sporting new features such as the one touch integrated sun shield and and advanced ventilation system making it 267% quieter than the Multitec, the Shoei Neotec is sure to be your number 1 choice when choosing a flip up helmet".Andystrapz-approved-logo.gif

Fully removeable 3D liner components are three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider's head and is available in 5 sizes, for custom and superior fit. This ensures an extremely comfortable fit while maintaining the firm hold necessary for distraction free, safe, high speed riding.

Improved compatablity for glasses due to reshaped cheek pads and foam inserts.
Cheekpads available in three sizes , on request for the perfect fit. Mesh neck curtains also availble.

I keep white in stock but I'm very happy to get other colours and designs in for you. Email here

The idea is that I keep all sizes ready to go in white so we definately have a helmet for you if you're in a hurry

For the whole story visit Shoei here

I found the Neotec lovely helmet and it's my go-to unless I have to wear goggles.

It could be a bit quieter but the flip front design is a compromise that I'm more than happy to trade off.

Having said that it is still the quiest modular helmet I've worn by a long way. The sunvisor system is optically flawless and easy to operate. As a 'four-eyes' it is great to have sunnies built into my stack hat. As you probably know photochromatic glasses lenses don't work behind a visor.

I like the new neck roll that makes it even quieter the Neotec 1.

I've pulled out the linings, washed them and still kept hold of my dummies. The visor has the best "first click" in the business and when open it stays where it's put. The Pinlock system works.

The Neotec has clocked up about 20,000km in all conditions, from -5 to 45 degrees. 

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