Sockz 2-8

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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Merino wool over-calf socks.

Forget Explorers, Merino calf high socks for riding, working or hiking.

An Aussie-made motorcycle sock by a motorcyclist.

 Made in Australia from high-quality ultra-fine Australian merino wool (85%)

  • Robust, lightweight and comfortable
  • Cotton reinforced padded heels and soles
  • Innovative soft top band means they stay up without cutting in
  • Extra-length (6cm) is exclusive to Andy Strapz and means they stick out the top of yer boot for added comfort
  • Available in all sizes, in black only

Top-quality riding socks that lots of riders have reordered for everyday use.

Sizes 2-8, 6-10 and 11-14 UK sizing.

Tip from Andy - If you fall on the edge of the sizes go to the bigger of the two. And...Don't put them in the dryer. You'll be looking for a 10 year to give them to.


”Finding good socks is a constant mission for me. I haaaaate cold feet! … Found ’em!” — Andy


I came across these high-quality Australian-made wool-rich socks and mission ended. I'm told that they were born from the oversupply of wool a few years ago, hence the name; Stockpile.

To be perfectly honest, they may not be the top-shelf super warmest Antarctic-type sock available, but they are very well made, extremely robust and comfy. And about a quarter of the price of those Arctic jobbies. I like ’em. They’re practical too, because wool works in either hot or cold, wet or dry weather and the high-percentage of merino wool means you can get a couple of days out of them.

Many of our customers have come back for more and use them as every day socks.

User Reviews

  • Best socks ever for me

    After riding for 40 years i have a bad ankle from a bike accident and comfortable socks that are not too tight are a must for me. These are the best socks i have ever worn with my bikes. Just finished a 6 day ride, wearing the socks from 7am to about 4pm each day, often at the end of the day in 34 degree heat and riding dirt they were wet. I must admit i did not wash them once in that 6 days and just hung me up outside my tent for the night to dry and it was not until the 5th day they started to smell too. So totally comfortable, warm and last a good time without washing :) Going to order some more, if you ride, buy some now

    6 months ago

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