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Suzuki DRZ400e Rear rack

P1010291.jpg drz_rear-push.jpg drz-loaded.jpg andy_testing_avduro.jpg

The usual driver of product development here at Strapz HQ is need.

I needed a proper, steel tube rear rack.

One that would cut my straps due to it being laser cut, one that could take a serious bashing, a traditional jigger.

Those flat plate racks are ok but nothing beats steel tube.

This rack weighs in at only 1kg! About half the weight of many of the flat plate types.

No sharp edges to come and chase you in a get off!

Cam the Metal Wizard and I made the rack for Project DRZ 1 and it survived a tumble down the hill into the river (taking full on hits on the way down) amazingly well.

I've been asked to breed it so others can have a pup off it.

So, here it is.

It maybe be more expensive than the other stuff about but it's made to last and function for years to come.

Usually made to order so allow 3 weeks.

Mild Steel tube
Stainless steel fittings, powder coated spacers

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