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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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Stylish, comfy and light Merino long sleeve T

Our year round Merino shirt - we call it the All Rounder.

We've tried to make the ultimate all seasons shirt that will keep us comfortable in all weather, all conditions and make us look like stars of the silver screen in the meantime.

Constructed in house of our superfine, non-pong, stretch, non-itch 18.5 micron, 180 gr, Merino wool this shirt will look good under a Saville Row sportscoat or a dusty riding jacket.

Use it on its own or part of your cold weather layering.


  • Lightweight - Medium weighs 225 grams.
  • Naturally comfortable
  • Relaxed fit.
  • Keeps its shape over time.
  • Resists building up body odour, can be worn for days on end.
  • Highly 'packable'
  • Adjusts to activity, heat or cold
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Flame resistant
  • High UV Tolerance
  • Machine washes easily and dries rapidly
  • Half shirt tail back, curved front to stay tucked in
  • Care instructions in side seams not the back of your neck.
  • Independantly tested UPF Rated 30+ Very Good Protection.

Andy Strapz made in australia


These are cut to generous Australian sizes, the same sizing as our Thermalz.

Andy usually goes for Large T Shirts but wears Medium in the All Rounder.

So the rule of thumb is - go down one on the sizes you'd buy imported shirts at.


  • Trapping body heat in air pockets around your body, keeping you warmer for longer.
  • Being made of interlocking protein molecules called keratin, which allow the wool to be stretched and bent up to 30,000 times without breaking.
  • Using a process called “heat of sorption” to absorb and release moisture. As wool absorbs moisture from the atmosphere a natural chemical process in the wool releases heat, warming the wearer.
  • Generating heat as it absorbs water vapor, which is called heat of sorption.
  • Absorbing odor caused by bacteria—trapping their smell and keeping them from building up. This means you can wear Merino wool odor-resistant clothing for longer without having to worry about smelling.

Wool categories

In addition to the three broad categories of wool, Australian Merino wool has a grading system that further categorises this premium-grade fibre:

  • Broad Merino has a mean (average) fibre diameter of 22.6 – 24.5 µm and makes up about 17% of the Australian wool clip.
  • Medium Merino is slightly finer, at 20.6 – 22.5µm, and makes up about 23% of the Australian wool clip.
  • Fine Merino (18.6–20.5µm) represents the largest portion (about one third) of the national clip.
    Superfine Merino is between 16.6 – 18.5µm.
  • Ultrafine Merino is between 14.6 – 16.5µm.
  • Extrafine Merino has a mean fibre diameter of less than 14.5µm.

The average micron of human hair is between 50 to 100 micron. Merino wool is generally less than 22 micron, which shows just how soft this premium fibre is.

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